April 08 2010

Mov-ay Review for How to Train Your Dragon (3-D)

I know I owe a review of Hot Tub Time Machine and I will get to it but I seen this movay the other night with my nephew and I was more psyched about it than Hot Tub Time Machine (although I liked Hot Tub Time Machine)– this movie is the better movie and the best movie I’ve seen this year…

Read the review HERE



FIRST! says:

FiRST.. WEeze sucks

R N says:

When I first heard of this film, my initial reaction was that this was going to be another lame kiddie film. But after reading the review from a national newspaper and reading that Todd was psyched about it, I may have second thoughts.

patio piazza says:

How to MEP your Dragon!! Good one Todd!

Chris says:

Todd I TOTALLY agree with you, saw it yesterday with my niece and nephew who are in town and its the best movie I’ve seen in a really long time, absolutely loved it!!!

sharpton says:

did you use the N word in your review?

DaveO says:

Really? My daughter and I thought it was dreadfully boring. And the voice on the main charachter was like a small gnat flying around your ear. Ugh.

Hello?? says:

Ahh Todd, Hot Tub Time Machine review???

JV says:

Ha!! I loved that you convinced your nephew that he had to see the 3D version and then gave him Starbucks to keep him up.

Now I’m considering going and seeing this. Probably wouldn’t of before hand. Oh and DON’T go see Clash of the Titans–two thumbs down.

JV says:

BTW, what happened to Wed Pets? I came here yesterday for a little pick me up (I always feel all warm and fuzzy when looking at people’s pets), but couldn’t find them 🙁

WTF?!?!?? says:

Wednesday’s Pet’s were donated to a Humane Society where they’ll run around on a “farm” with Roscoe. Ha ha!

Um... says:

You mean you SAW this movay?

comprar propecia says:

I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

Shadow says:

I am the shadow! Fear me mortals.

The Shadow says:

It’s “The Shadow”, asswipe.

And the only reason to fear me is if you have evil in your heart, or, in the case of Mr. Bukkake From His Mother’s Basement, doody in his underpants.

The Shadow Sidekick says:

Whatever – The Shadow. Very sensitive aren’t we? What I don’t get is that you are going after people with evil in their heart and yet you call yourself “The Shadow”. Double standard isn’t it.

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