About A Boy

I saw 'About A Boy' tonight. I had a few cocktails so I was a little lit. Anyway the theater is pretty packed for the 7:15 show on 19th and Broadway. The lights go down and everyone is forced to watch THREE full commercials for whatever. As far as I'm concerned this is the lowest form of advertising. Excuse me. But I friggin PAID to be in your movie theater. I PAID to eat your stale crap popcorn which is a giant ripoff as everyone knows. But they have the nerve to make money off of me sitting there watching their awful ads?!  It's extra bad because there is no way to turn away from the advertisement! On TV you can flip channels. You can turn your head from a billboard. Flip pages in a magazine. But in movies you're forced to watch AND you pay to be there. I boycott all products that advertise in moviehouses. Please join me. We pay enough to them greedy movie bastards.  

Oh yeah. The movie. It was good. You got your Hugh Grant and he's doing his whole smarmy british bumbler blinky shtick. You got your kid in need of help. You got your side characters. You got your plot thing. You have your jokes (some very funny). And you got your Britspeak with your 'trainers' and your 'blokes' with your 'bugger off' and your 'shag' talk. Get your actors together, get some dialogue that works for the most part, smear it with a soundtrack, tie it with a british bow and you got your movie.

Anyway Hugh Grant (divine brown's john) is this bachelor dude who believes 'every man is an island'. He lives a pretty rich but scummy life driving around in an Audi TT and lying to women to get them in the sack. He'll go as far as going to a single parent support meeting and lying how he has a kid just to score with some single mom chicks. Nice. Anyway he gets all caught up with this one situation. A nerdy kid comes onto the scene who is having a hard time at school and at home. Blah blah... Hugh Grant is the big nice guy who helps the kid and he finds himself and begins to have some respect for his own life.

It was written by the dude who wrote High Fidelity which I read and liked but I didn't read About A Boy cause it seemed like a chick book. And this movie is pretty much a chick flick. I mean for frigs sake it stars Hugh Grant! What the hell else is it gonna be? I always think I'm gonna hate him in movies but then I don't. His stammering and snide comebacks seem to work. But he was definitely looking older in this flick and you gotta wonder where he's gonna go as an actor and what he'll do next... actually... I can't believe I just wrote that. To be honest I really don't care what the hell he does. 

I really don't know what else to say about this flick. It might of hit home a little extra for me as I'm a 30-something single guy. And I do some 'island living' often so whatever.

Three Good Things About This Movie
-Some very funny things that made me laugh out loud.
-The kid actor didn't bug me. Kid actors usually do.
-Toni Colette put in a good shaky performance as the kids mom.

Three Bad Things About This Movie
-Dragged at times and was overlong.
-It thought it was more sentimental than it really was.
-Throughout the movie you feel like you're falling for tricks to make you like it.

All in all I have to recommend this as a video rental. There's no reason to see it in the theater cause ain't nothing big goes on and it's the type of movie that you walk out of and don't really think about again. But it may put you in a better mood. Which is the least you can ask for -especially after they force you to watch three frickin commercials before the movie even starts.