The Aviator

So tonite I set out to see The Aviator. I've been holding off on seeing this flick because it's friggin 3 hours long and frankly I'm not sure I have the attention span for three hours of anything anymore. (Well I could stare at a pair of boobs for three plus but besides that there isn't much else that could hold my attention for that amount of time). Anyway, I picked up a big bottle of water and some twizz and a pack of peanut m&ms at the Eckerd's and then headed on in. It was pretty much empty in the theater so I really appreciated the silence all around me as I sat through the previews. One preview that looked sort of interesting was a flick called Sin City. Looks like it might be a style over substance mess but still looked kind of coolio. Then The Aviator started up and I took a deep breath and braced myself for a three hour extravaganza.

From the getgo I had some issues. Leo was distracting. His accent seemed put on and he was too good looking. It dove in a little fast to the whole scene and I saw myself watching a major motion picture in a major way. But soon I started to shrug off my getgo issues and the movie started to find a rhythm for me. After a half-hour I accepted Leo as Hughes and I thought he did a good job. I think he's legit.  Anyway, I didn't know much about Howard Hughes going in except that he was way rich and ended up good and mental. It was a good way to see the story because I had no idea what the dude was about so that probably added to my digging this flick. The guy was an interesting guy ...which really helps when you wanna go making a big giant movie about someone I guess.

Scene after scene I kept thinking I was going to drop out of this movie but it kept hanging in there for me. Whether it was the look of one scene (a few were flat out spectacular to the max) or acting goodness-- this flick kept holding me with two fists by the front of my shirt. Hanging on almost for deal life. Marty did a coolio job finessing things up and keeping it moving. He ruled it. So much so that he sort of overshadowed his own film to the point where he was almost a presence. I could almost hear him in the background saying, 'Ok did we get it?' or 'Great great great. Ok ok.' Then he'd clap his hands. 

Martypants built a solid jumbo jet here. Look at it on the tarmac. The side reads SCORSESE AIR in gold. It's so polished its almost gaudy. Nervously confident Marty at the controls. Goggles strapped on, scarf blowing, he yells 'Contact! Let's go! Let's go!' out the side window and slaps the side. The actors spin the propellers and the plane rumbles down the airstrip. The engine vrooms with that sweet hum. And off it goes into the sky. Glorious. Amazing. I watched it go and listened to the engines grow fainter.  Eventually it disappeared into the clouds. I continued staring for a minute or so very impressed with the air show. Coolio. Thanks, Martin. Then I sort of shrugged and headed home a little disappointed.... wondering why a big giant jumbo jet can't ever do a loop da loop for me. the spoiled brat I am.

Three Good Things About this Movie

- The acting is solid pretty much across the board and I didn't get put off by anyone.
- The XF-11 "flight" was awesome.
- I didn't think it was too long and I never got totally bored. 

Three Bad Things About this Movie

- Emotionally it flatlined way often.
- A few edits made the movie skip like a record.
- Leo never fully became Hughes for me. He was Howard Hughesaprio. Almost.

All in all I'd say this movie was way impressive and should be seen. Made me feel good about movies in general. It was so big. Don't worry bout the three hours. And I was proud the Marty didn't crash the thing into some barn somewhere. But this flick ain't winning any Oscars. Maybe some of the junky Oscars but it's got Oscar snub written all over it. Which is unfortunate because if a movie like Sideways takes in an Oscar over this flick- if I were Marty I'd start to lose it a little and get pissed...

...but then again maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing for him (well... more like, for us.)