Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

OMG! Is the Borat movie the greatest most fantastically funniest movie in the history of all cinema?!?! So great that it makes all other comedies worse just by its very existence because it transcends regular old comedy and explodes into a new stratosphere of funny that rips a hole in the fabric of the original rubber chicken and starts a laughter revolution which will alter the course of history and put embarrassed smiles on all faces across the globe by showcasing the inanity of ignorance and elevating human existence to a higher plane creating peace in the world for all eternity?!?!? Umm...(cough) unfortunately... no.

But is it a friggin funny-ass funny flick that is as funny as fruck? Yes. Of course. The funniest movie in years..

Ok. I'm a guy who has been a fan of Da Ali G Show for years. I've seen every episode numerous times (too many times) and I think it's one of the top five comedy shows ever made. Sasha Boner Cone is such a friggin balls-out quick witted wang that it makes me want to vomit laughter bile on my own crotch in hilarious disgust! I've been amazed by him for a while now and know about the greatness there.

So all the stuff I've been unavoidably hearing about the 'brilliant satire' and the 'societal implications' and the 'groundbreaking fearlessness' and all that critical blah blah yadda crap is sort of old news for me. (Aren't we done with 'satire' already? That word seems all dated). I know Borat thinks jews have claws and horns and a woman's brain is the same size as a squirrel brain. That stuff is backstory for me so it doesn't blow me away to hear him speak the truth that way. The delicious shockvalue doesn't have the same impact now. Plus I'm a jaded jerk.

And I'm glad I saw this movie when I did because this past week Borat was feeling overexposed to the point where I started turning the channel when I'd see him walk onto a talk show. I don't like the "Borat" character on talk shows when everyone is in on the joke. When he's like that he might as well be the third 'wild and crazy guy'. Not all that funny. Repeating the wizard sleeve joke and doing the whole "Borat" shtick started messing with the fake illusion in my head. I understand the promotion was unavoidable but I started to feel a slow drain on this character before the movie got to the theater. Like a good secret was getting blabbed all over town by an imposter. I was like, 'Hurry movie! Release! They're ruining it!'

The good news is this movie saves itself from itself by being wayy funny. This movie is loaded to the gills with goodies. Beautiful anti-semitisms and sexistness and stupid. I laughed out loud every couple of minutes with some serious gut laughs approx. every 10-12 minutes. And now and then it crossed into 'I can't believe what I'm seeing' surrealicity. So it's all good. But in my heart, the reality was I didn't feel the same love for this movie as I do for the Borat on the small screen. On TV there are more subtle moments when he has time to dig in and stare with confusion. Less rushing around. His small world tv innocence made me fall in love. On the big screen, feelings about our relationship changed a little. Innocence and trust got a little blurry. I felt some routine set in. And the importance of the physical aspects took on a new emphasis. Not that I minded it so much-- but I can't deny feeling slightly distracted by it.

Three Good Things About this Movie

- The poop
- The nakedness
- The Running of the Jew

Three Bad Things About this Movie

- The movie sometimes rushed off to another scene before I was ready to go.
- The scary americans are depressing.
- Some jokes were highlight reelish.

All in all, I don't want to be negative on it and on the re-read of what I wrote up there it doesn't sound all coolio good. It is great success!! The only real downer to the whole shebang is now that Borat is in the media spotlight-- he'll be burned out into the netheragain world like Ali G. Bye bye, Borat. Let's just hope Bruno can stay in the shadows long enough so Boner Cone can complete his disgustingly brilliant hat-trick...


Here's some deleted scenes from the movie btw...