The Bourne Supremacy

So this morning I headed on out to catch an 11AM showing of this here film. I picked up a bagel with olive cream cheese and a Odwalla Strawberry/Banana drink. The bagel was a little doughy and the cream cheese was melty. The only thing I miss about living in Manhattan is H&H but at least the Odwalla was a good drink.

Anyway, Bourne Supremacy (supremacy?) it was a good flick. I remember seeing Bourne Identity a year or so ago on video but barely remember the movie now. Wasn't it something about a Mini going down stairs and then something with guns and a girl or something? It's weird cause it was really about memory loss and trying to remember the past- which was what I tried to do as I wandered to the theater. I remembered liking the first movie. I just couldn't remember anything about it.

The new movie picks up right where it left off (at least that's what I assume) with Matt Daffleck hanging out in India with his chick. Then the bad guys come to get him. Why they come to get him? I dunno. Who is coming to get him? Not sure there either. Why they can't be smart about going after him? Not sure bout that either. But we're off and running. Drive! Run! Plan! Plot! Do!

And remember, Daffleck! You're a secret super spy guy who can't remember anything because for some reason some happening happened which caused you to forget everything, but forgetting what happened made the people who made it happen come after you because they can't have you happen to remember the happenstance of what happened because if that happened it would cause something to happen that they really didn't want to have happen happen! Luckily whatever all that is doesn't happen to matter.

All we need to know is Daffleck is a lean mean spy guy machine. He's so good that even through his prolonged amnesia he keeps up with technology. Would he really know how to hack a brand new fancy cellphone on instinct? Hmmm. Oh well. That's not the problem with the movie. The problem with this movie is there's really no one to care about. There was no real human connection between any of the characters. It was either all business or a weird vagueness as to what their relationship was in the first place. You root for Matt. But barely. Cause there's no one to really hate. Matt Daffleck doesn't have a genuine personality and the film on the whole is lacking one too. Joan Allen acts well but she's a straight a government chick with a chip. Beyond her profession her personality is nowhere.

But seriously, whatever with all that. Because the film looks great and it flows really well and the music is big and comforting. I was just so happy to be watching something that I wasn't hating. It was cool seeing the different countries and the different action sequences. It was cool watching Daffleck make his serious spy faces. Scene to scene this movie is really good plus there is one jarringly good smashing car race scene that was way fun. So whatever with the rest of it. Eventually I just dropped out of trying to follow the plot. Once I realized that the bad guys deciding to go out of their way to bother a loose cannon superman like Bourne really made no sense- it was too hard to bother or care. But it was easy not to care. Easy to ignore the holes. And ignore the big picture. And ignore the flimsiness. Because this flick is sweet spy candy. Pure and sugar.

Three Good Things About this Movie

- The music, whether is was action or transition, just seemed really dead on.
- The big car chase made me make a cringe face at the exact same time Matt made the same cringe face on screen. Gotta like that.
- I just liked looking at this thing.

Three Bad Things About this Movie

- Choppy editing and too shakey during some action scenes. Calm down! I wanna see!
- Mattie crossed over to being Terminatorish here and there.
- For everyone being so super smart both sides seemed to be operating based on reaction rather than actual planning.

All in all this movie is worth seeing if you dig this kind of stuff. Yeah it's bigly forgettable but it's alot of fun while it's going on. I'm sure by the time the next Bourne comes out I'll be rushing out to see it first thing- and on the walk over I'll be trying to dig up what it was I liked about the previous ones to make me so enthusiastic about seeing the next one.... and I bet I'll draw a dumb happy blank... and pay up.