Hey! Sorry for the late review of this! Plus this review is gonna suck because I have a headache right now and I'm not sure why (jet lag?) and I'm all grumpy and I haven't unpacked and I can't find my cellphone charger and I'm scared it's a goner and I planned to type this up on the plane ride out out a week ago but I didn't charge my laptop and when I was out in California I felt weird actually thinking about anything while I was away so I couldn't really do anything but stare like a east coast deer in the mirrored headlights of los angeles.

Anyway, I was nervous about this movie. The Ali G Show was a below the radar godgift back in the day-- but the promotion behind this Bruno flick came on way too strong. To the point where it made me brunophobic. It kind of reminded me of the promotion for Love Guru. Remember when Mike Myers was all pretending to be that terrible character that nobody asked for? I felt like I was burning out on Bruno before this movie even started. Like three weeks ago it was enough. I get it. Gay. I get it. Funny. Gay. Fashion. Foreign. I get it. So when the reviews started hitting that this flick was somehow way less than Borat-- I wondered if there was a chance this was gonna be an unfortunately blatant money-grab disaster.

For me, best part of HBO Bruno was his ability to find dopey people who think they're smart and get them to say really dopey things that they think are smart. (One smart fellow. He felt smart...?) I love interviews like this one. Click here and watch...

But I felt it would be somewhat of an impossible task to find these disarmed people because I assumed Sasha Barney Cohen was simply too big to snag anyone who is basically aware of baseline pop culture surroundings. So seeing the previews of him backstage in velcro or as a guest on some fake Richard Bey show worried me. The one thing I didn't want was all staged. I wanted the real life suckers. And when the movie opened up with Bruno and his partner doing outrageous butt stuff (although I was laughing) it raised extra alarm bells. It set the tone of a full blast shockout physical movie combined with some staged stuff. I buckled up for a big boring limp dildo parade.

Fortunately this movie completely redeemed itself outright by having ever other scene be friggin straight out laugh out loud funny or touching amazing.  High level people got snagged. Still? Ron Paul and Paula Abdul? Dolce and Gabanna? Hello? Besides the fact that they embarrassed themselves-- I think it's more embarrassing for them to be so completely out of touch to not have become aware of Bruno years ago. So I was happy with their dopery. And there were stunning highlights, the tv pilot, the redneck camping, and the interviews with desperate stage parents who had total disregard for their own kids health and safety. Agreeing that their 30lb child can drop 10lbs for a role? Their kid will work with hornets? Good stuff!

Whatever. I won't blah blah. In the end, I walked out of this flick feeling pretty good about it. Sure this thing plays like a sequel to Borat and sure I could complain about it being an obvious total pink patchwork mess. And sure, I could bitch about the 'agent' in the movie being nonsense filler. And that the african baby thing didn't really do it for me. And I could say that Bruno came off cartoon artificial too often. But it in the end there's way more in this flick that was In than the Aus. (The end video is the aus. big time.). So whatever. It's done. And I'm appreciative to the fact that there is no 4th character coming for us. It's just enough. I guess I'm full.

Three Good Things About this Movie

- I thought I was beyond being shocked. I'm apparently not.
- Every time it hit a bad note it would drown it out with a high note.
- He's impressively brave.

Three Bad Things About this Movie

- When it was bad. It sucked.
- The whole thing was pretty sloppy choppy.
- The end scene almost changed my mind on the whole movie.

All in all, I think this movie is getting a bad rap just because it's a big mess with some weak scenes. But it's totally worth it for a quick fix to get your brain all giggily stupid and your eyes all blinky. And in terms of gay themed 'entertaining' movies in theaters this summer-- this flick definitely bitchslaps the sht out of Transformers 2...