Changing Lanes

I just got back from seeing Changing Lanes which stars Benaflek (producer of Stolen Summer) and Samuel L. Jackson (who played the guy who tries to rob the "McDowells" in Coming to America). It also had that chick Amanda Peet who took all her clothes off in The Whole Nine Yards (see?).  Anyway this movie was playing down the street from me at the Cobble Hill Cinema and tickets are $5.00 for matinees so that was that. I used my brain today and bought a Dr. Pepper from the deli before going into the theater. So no $3 soda for me!

Anyway the movie is about this lawyer guy (Benaflek) who crashes into this other dude's car (Sam Jackson). They proceed to screw each others lives up totally from that point on because Benaflek needs this file that Sam got but Sam ain't giving it back cause Ben was a dick to him sort of. Sam was late for a court date that messed him up totally so he was pissed off etc... So they go back and forth screwing with each other while questioning their morals and stuff while they do messed up stuff. 

This was the only role that Benaflek didn't annoy me with his bad acting abilities besides Kevin Smith movies where he fits cause there's a lot of bad acting going on in Kevin Smith movies (not that there's anything wrong with Kevin Smith movies)

Three Good things about this movie
-Cool car crash skid out
-Seeing Amanda Peet
-The movie had a nice flow

Three Bad things about this movie
-Hard to believe these two people would have handled things the way they did.
-Too much happened to be believe it all happened in one day.
-Not funny. Not even a one liner here or there to break up the yelling.

So whatever. I can always judge how much I like a movie by how comfortable I am in the movie chair. And the first half of this movie I sat still but then in the second half I had my legs over the back of the seat. Then I was crunched up with my knees against the back of the seat. Then I was sitting up straight. But that didn't work out so I kind of sat to the side cause my butt bone hurt. Then I got annoyed cause I realized the seat was crooked a little.

All in all this movie is a decent video rental. As much as it's a movie that tries to make you "think"- it doesn't.  You think about thinking about it but then you don't really think about it. Because you don't really care. At least I didn't. Cause it was somewhat lame.

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