My Big Fat Greek Wedding

So I went and finally broke down and saw this movie. I guess I liked it. It had some funny stuff. It was charming and adorable and all that but it was also one of those situations where I found the people in the theater were laughing alot more than I was. Maybe this really isn't the kind of movie you should see by yourself or whatever but whatever. I was sort of in a bad mood and thought this might cheer me up. I picked up a blue gatorade and two bags of Combos (nacho and cheddar) before heading into the theater. It was a matinee $5.00 movie and the theater had about 25 old ladies in it. I sat down pretty close to the front because I had fears of them yapping. 

I knew what I was getting into with this movie. I knew it would do it's best to make me feel good- but somehow it didn't really affect my mood that much. It was like a good piece of bubblegum like mousaka-flavored bubblegum or something. You get to know everything you ever want to know about Greek families. It was pretty cartoony stereotypical but double dipped in the 'you-can't-escape-your-family-because-they're-a-part-of-you-and- although-they-might-get-on-your-nerves-and-embarrass-you--it's-all-done-out-of-love-so-that's-ok' sauce. 

The basic plot of the movie is like this: take an ugly duckling frog servant girl who finds the prince charming dude who kisses her and turns her from a frog to a cinderella and she wakes up from her 30 year slumber just in time for the ball and wears the blue tinted glass slipper and they get married and jump onto a horse thats got a Greek flag sticking out of it's butt and they ride off into the sunset.

The prince was Dreamy John Corbett who I recognized from somewhere. He's so dreamy. All long hair nice guy professor dude who just wants something different in his life. He meets this greek girl and likes how different she is. They hit it off and date and get engaged. It was a bit ridiculous that with everything that went on he never broke down, complained, or said 'fuck that!' Hey Corbett! The invitations spell your parents name wrong. (no problem). Hey Corbett! Get baptized in her church in a Mr. Turtle pool. (no problem). Hey Corbett! Go stick your wang in that electrical socket, ok? Opa!! But he is so happy with his bride-to-be that the crazy family stuff just washes over him. Because he is in love and love conquers all? Right? Right... 

I know. It's just a silly movie and in relationships people deal with family stuff in their own way. I guess I just could have used a bit more conflict in this movie. It could have still be funny with it. Any kink was immediately glossed over with a shot of ouzo here and a pig on a spit there.This movie I'm sure could have played the same if it was My Big Fat Jewish Wedding or My Big Fat Italian Wedding. Do I smell a sequel? I hope not.

I think I've grown a bit too jaded for straight arrow feel good humor. It's all very nice. Just too nice nice for my tastes. Plus this movie is a chick flick. As soon as the credits rolled I walked up the aisle, past the smiling old ladies, and out the theater knowing why I haven't seen a movie in a while. August sucks so bad. You can tell because this sugar sweet straggler is still box office gold.

Three Good Things About This Movie

- The parents of the bride girl were both totally excellent in their roles.
- There was some laugh out loud stuff in it for sure. I think maybe 7-8 for me. Which isn't bad.
- One girl in the movie had nice boobs and she adjusted them in one scene.

-Three Bad Things About This Movie

- Her transformation from shy, dumpy, waitress to confident greek flower was a little fast.
- It made me hungry cause I hadn't eaten lunch and the food looked really good.
- Her brother was funny but underused.

All in all I think it's a good date movie. And definitely a good video rental with a whole greek platter of something or other. It plays out very safe and the only thing that might be offensive is to you is if you're Greek, you might think that people will believe all y'all are really like that....'re not... are you?