So I saw Frailty tonite. All by myself on a Friday nite. Pretty stylin. I brought two beers with me to drink during the movie. I like bringing beers into movies. Nobody really cares if you drink beer in the movies.

Anyway I was excited about Frailty cause I saw a commercial that had quotes recommending the movie by Stephen King and Sam Raimi. After I saw they dug it, I successfully did a media blackout on it. Any movie I know I'm going to see I just don't read anything about it and try to know as little as possible about it so I can go into the movie 'cold'. I highly recommend this. Why should you know anything that happens beforehand? Why know what someone else thought about it? Why ruin surprises? I won't give away much in what I'm about to write but if you want to adopt that philosophy you might as well stop reading this now.

Frailty is directed by and stars Bill Paxton (who was Chet in Weird Science) and Matthew McCohnohay (or however it's spelled who was in Texas Chainsaw 4). I liked this movie at times alot but then I was  bored often. I'm a big fan of scary movies and this had some new angles on the scary. This movie is definitely a fresh take and you gotta props to Chet. 

Bill Paxton is the dad of two kids and he apparently goes off the rails thinking he's some sort of 'demon slayer'. The older one doesn't buy into it but the younger one believes in the whole demon thing and digs the 'mission'.  If you're a demon on the list that's bad news for you. 

Anyway there is alot of axe choppity chop and whopping on the head with a pipe. Lots of grave digging too and 'moral' questions. All in all it had some creepy stuff and some twisty twist but it never struck deep fear in me. It just kind of gave me jolts here and there. They dropped the ball on frightening and that's what I wanted out of this. It was almost pleasant to watch in a respectful way. Movies that really scared me are Halloween, Blair Witch, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Shining, Texas Chainsaw, Dawn of the Dead. Those movies scared me. Maybe I'm numbing out to scary or maybe I missed the point on that's what this movie was going for.  But when I see a commercial with a big axe and hear something about demons... I want my scary!

Three good things about this movie:
-The fear factor in seeing a parent go crazy thru a child's eyes.
-Good axe swings and 'chok' noise.
-The basic idea of the story was good..

Three bad things about this movie:
-Brought up moral questions that weren't all that interesting.
-I liked the going crazy stuff. It should have just kept going.
-Some stuff toward the end was forced for the sake of 'ooh'..

All in all I'd say it's worth seeing but probably on video in the Fall when it's creepier outside. There definitely seems to be a big lag in good scary stuff. Since Stephen King has tapped out and alot of "horror movies" are crossing over to comedy it's all too rare to get a good scare. If anyone has recommendations let me know. Also I'll get together the rating system by the next review. Promise..

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