Igby Goes Down

Usually when I go to the movies I come straight home and write a review so it's like fresh in my head. But today a friend of mine was in Manhattan on business so after the movie I went to get drinks with him. So now it's 3:00AM and I'm kinda drunk but I'm gonna write this review anyway. Luckily this movie was relatively high impact so I remember alot.

I did a successful complete media blackout on this movie and I was psyched. I knew absolutely zero nothing about it and was excited to see something so 100% cold. After sitting through an offensive FOUR commercials (F-U Regal Cinemas!) the movie started and before the credits finished I knew I was going to have issues with this movie. The issues grew worse and worse as the movie went on and when the final credits rolled I knew that I had seen the worst movie I've seen all year. 

This movie had a good formula for a good movie. The frustrated catcher in the rye-ish teenage boy. Money. The uber rich businessman 'Godfather' Jeff Goldblum. The ill addict mother Susan Sarandon. The permabrokedown father Bill Pullman. Hot model type chick Amanda Peel. Stiff older brother Ryan Phillipe. Claire Danes being a 'real actress'. And a bunch of other side characters that all had their quirks and whatevers. All interesting on the surface with nothing beneath. Not one of these characters came across with any true depth or purpose. And they were all characters to dislike for no good reason. You couldn't get an honest read on anyone and the plot that they treaded water in was pointless. It was like the director extracted a formula from the Rushmore/Tennenbaums playbook and decided, 'Hey! I can do that too!' 9 out of 10 jokes fell flat and felt stale and the yanks at my emotions were pathetic attempts as far as I was concerned. The only emotion that was gotten from me was one of depression not only because the movie revolved around depression but it was depressing to see this kind of display. It was a bad movie poorly disguised as something good.

The acting was good and it carried this flick somewhat. Sarandon I like. Bill Pullman is always fun to see. Goldblum adds a touch of nervous energy bizarreity to everything he does. And the star Culkin performed ok-ish.  His character was supposed to be one of those offtrack emotionally screwy intelligent kids -but whatever really. Alot of the time he was just a dick. 

The acting brought out a glimmer of impact here and there but most attempts to have smackity smack- failed. Oh! I need to mention that something is way off about Ryan Phillipe. He strikes me as a gay porn star (not that I've ever been struck by one) but that's how he comes across. Annoying throughout.

On top of that the movie was soundtrack heavy. It was like, lets go into the 'what's hip and cool' soundtrack songbook and sell some records. So heavy handed, long winded and obvious- musically.

Three Good Things About This Movie
- The guy who played the 'brilliant artist' was good. I've seen him around.
- Amanda Peet showed her boobs... again. They're nice.
- It actually wasn't totally boring. Although it was a total bore.

Three Bad Things About This Movie
- The editing was choppy.
- To not have a single likeable character throughout a whole movie is a mistake. Especially if you don't hate them instead. Nor understand their motives.
- No Sarandon cleavage throughout.

This movie seemed to work for most people in the theater. The guy next to me was laughing alot and gasping at the 'serious parts'. I heard alot of laughter and it seemed to evoke conversation afterwards on the walk out. Eh. Whatever whatever.

I thought it was a fraud.