Jackass: The Movie

So today I decided to grab lunch and go down the street and see the matinee of Jackass. I picked up a bagel, chips in a can, and a Dr. Pepper. It's cool bringing food into the movie cause you don't get ripped off by the concession stand or whatever. Even though there is a big sign on the door that says 'no food or drink allowed' I walk right in with my bag of stuff! I stomp all over authority! I'm a real rebel, huh?

Anyway, I was a huge fan of Jackass when it first came on MTV. I loved it. And this movie was good. It had some really funny stuff in it. And I laughed alot. But somehow the whole time I kept feeling like I didn't want to be watching this as a movie. I wanted it on the tv. Because that's where it really belongs. I don't even know what to say about this movie. If you like Jackass you'll like this movie but unfortunately more than half of the pranks or stunts or whatever didn't really work for me. But the ones that did were over the top.

Here's how it is: I like it when the guy jumps on a trampoline up into a ceiling fan and then crashes down onto the table. I don't like when they go off roading and tattoo. I like it when they flip the golf cart. I don't like it when they play with sea cucumbers. And I like it when people get dressed up as panda bears or as a jousting knight or something and go into a store and wreck it. I don't like so much when someone sticks a toy car up his butt. I like when Wee Man kicks himself in the head. But I don't like it when Johnny Knoxville gets shot in the stomach with a bean bag bullet. I like it when someone throws up. I don't like it when the guy dances in a thong.

See it's like that. It's all personal preference. Maybe the person who really doesn't like people wrecking stores will like the toy car bit. Or maybe people who like the firecrackers shooting out of the butt won't like the wasabi snorting. Or maybe some people will like all of it because they like ridiculousness. It's always fun to watch people act like idiots. But I prefer my idiocy to be simple. A big whomp on the head. A shelf of stuff collapsing down on someone. The more elaborate the set up the less zing they seemed to have.

Three Good Things About This Movie
- The golf cart crash was unbelievable. Johnny Knoxville really almost got totally killed.
- I loved loved that ceiling fan smashdown.
- When they act like burglars it's funny.

Three Bad Things About This Movie
- The boring segments seemed extra long.
- Sometimes you felt bad for the people either stunting or getting stunted on.
- You know it's the official end of Jackass.

OK. Some people might say me writing about the stuff that goes on in this movie is like spoiling it a bit. And I said I would never spoil a movie by giving stuff away. But i'm really not. This stuff has to be seen. I just wish I had seen it on MTV in a two-hour special. Should you go see it?... yeah might as well. Get stupid and go see it... It won't hurt ya. I laughed alot which is more than I can say for most comedies.

And hey, after the movie ends stand up and dump your soda and popcorn all over the person sitting behind you. Then throw the bucket at them. Then make yourself gag and throw up all over yourself. Then run around trying to hug people. Then run out into the lobby like a gorilla and pick up the trash can and throw it down the stairs. Then go into the bathroom and shove people into each other while they're at the urinal peeing. Then run into another theater where they're showing a serious movie and pull your pants down. Bend over and show people your butt. Make sure you have 'BUTT' written across your butt. Then make a noise like a donkey.