Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Friday morning. Everything bagel. Scallion cream cheese. Pack of wasabi peas. Big water. 11:10AM at the theater with the good seats and sound. 

First a little back story about the past relationship between Quentin and me. When Reservoir Dogs came out I liked it alot but I didn't think it was the earthbreaking groundshaking movie that others did. I just thought it was cool. When Pulp Fiction came out I thought it was one of the best things I've ever seen. On a more recent viewing, by no fault of its own really, it's showing signs of age. Jackie Brown I saw once and barely remember. Other than that, I was a fan of From Dusk Till Dawn. And I loved Natural Born Killers alot. I've read a couple of Tarantino scripts which can be found here if you want. All very readable and fun. And the last interaction I had with Quentin was last night on Jimmy Kimmel and after 30 seconds I had to shut him off because it's unbearable to listen to him yammer. That being said...

I really wanted this movie to work. Not sure what's wrong with these people that take forever to put out something new but it's totally annoying. You just want to say. Just work! I mean what the hell are they doing instead of? ;-) But this particular stretch of time was surprisingly long. I've been tracking this movie on the web here and there reading up on its status and from all reports it sounded like it was shaping up to be a mess. Then when the announcement came out that they were splitting the movie into two parts. I thought for sure that this (these) movies would be surefire disasters.  And walking toward the theater I prepared myself to be disappointed.

Surprisingly I wasn't. It wasn't a frantic mess that tried too hard. It wasn't an overly witty dialogue heavy scramble scramble. And it wasn't a Pulp Fiction wannabee. It was exactly what it was and what it was was what wanted to be. A way action packed tasty ride coated with violent goodness. This movie was like candy. It wasn't particularly nutritious and maybe the wrapper was a bit too colorful but it was exactly what I needed for that moment and it hit the spot. I felt satisfied after munching it and wanted Vol. 2.

To make a short story short, Uma Thurman plays this assassin chick who gots to get her revenge on. She got a list of enemy peeps that gotta go down and that's all she plans to do until it's done. Bill is the King Koopa. I've never been a big Uma fan as an actress. I think she's hot.. but cold. However in this movie she was genuinely good. And I realized 3/4 of the way through that I not only was digging her but I didn't get hit with the 'look at the chick kicking ass' novelty thing. Like Charlies Angels. It just didn't really even occur to me that she was a chick kicking ass until after she kicked the asses of a room full of people and I was like... wow that chick kicks ass.

And this flick is loaded with ass kicking. And the ass is kicked in such a large variety of ways that it doesn't get old (like some Matrix sequels which will go unmentioned not). I'm not a big enough Hong Kong fooey movie connoisseur to tell if what I saw was groundbreaking or not in terms of its smackwhap clang clang choreography. Alls I know that it looked really friggin cool and flippywhamschwokZAM! through and through. It was generous with blood and chopping and slicing and funny. There's enough style presence so it's was fun and not overdone. This flick does lack emotion and dialogue zingers but there are plenty of goodies to keep things rolling. Split in two, although awkward, is interesting in a newish way and I feel patient...all soothed out by this spectacle.

Three Good Things About This Movie

- The fight scenes are wowee including an anime sequence that insisted my mouth hang open the whole time. 
- I didn't take issue with any of the actors and usually Lucy Liu and Darryl Hannah are sure fire annoyances.
- The sound was fun. Gurgles and rips. All over the road music worked too.

Three Bad Things About This Movie

- The break between these two movies would have served better as a 15-minute intermission rather than a four month layover.
- Although story was not at the forefront there were some questions that could have been answered without messing up the mystery.
- If you eat candy all day it may eventually rot the teeth. We'll see.

All in all this movie is definitely not for everyone. It's got alot of the ol' ultraviolence. And the main story is more like a side story. But I approved of the general disregard to get bogged down in a this-and-that. It's really unnecessary as this flick strives to be a spectacle first and foremost. And my eyeballs excitedly happydanced over every inch of this film --while my brain just kind of sat back with its hands behind its head and lazily chewed on a twizzler half-hanging out of a silly grin..