Old School

So today at 1:00 I saw Old School and it was weak. No rhythm and loaded with missed opportunities.

I picked up a bagel with scallion and wasabi peas and a pepsi twist and snuck it in no problemo. I went to the movie with a friend of mine who during the snowstorm clanged her head into a low scaffolding. lol. So we had to sit high up to be 'even' with the screen. Cause her neck still is messed up from when she whammed her head. The theater was pretty crowded and there were plenty of teenage talkers around. They were talking at full volume alot. I'm scared of packs of teenagers. So I was too chicken to tell them to shut up. Luckily, in a movie like this their idiocy doesn't really bother me that much.

Anyway, I was psyched for Old School. I've been hearing about it for a while. The concept is funny. Older guys starting a frat. Funny. But there was two main problems with this movie. It wasn't that funny. And it was a mess.

The main cast seemed like it was a good teamup. Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson, and Vince Vaughn. I'm cool with that cast. Especially because Will Ferrell is on board. He's one of my favorite people especially when he's shirtless and yelling. He's a way funny mofo and I was curious to see how he worked on the big screen as a lead. He worked. But they showcased his strong points almost to the point of exploitation. He's better than this movie. Luke Wilson brought absolutely nothing to the table. There was no personality there and zero funny from him. Lame. And Vince Vaughn went along with his 'I'm sort of a dick. Sort of a nice guy. Sort of inconsiderate. Cocky arrogant smoker friend guy.' Swingerish. Again. But I don't mind that character so it's ok. And he brought a bunch of funny with him.

As for the rest of the cast they were either underused or just blended together. The other guys in the frat never developed into anything. A complete loss there. Except for the old man it was just a weird mishmash of nobodys who never came alive. Also I think the casting person had a thing for a certain chick look. Cause I couldn't even tell the chicks apart.

Maybe I expected these dorky older guys to start a frat and be outcasts of society. But they started a frat and became instant kings of the campus. I think I dig the idea of them being outsiders trying to get in. Losers. Outcasts from both societies. Rather than insiders. On top of it bad casting choices with Jeremy Piven as 'The Dean' and Craigy Kilborn didn't help the situation. This movie was unfortunate. At least Billy Madison it comes screaming out of the box with funny and flavor and dopey plot- then dies on the vine. But I dig those first 45 minutes. This movie didn't have a solid stretch. It was just a treadmill exercise in "humor".

Three Good Things About this Movie

-Will Ferrell. Naked. Running. And yelling.
- There was a cool wrestling scene with girls who took their shirts off. Here it is. Who's the best?
- The concept of the movie was very funny even if the movie wasn't.

Three Bad Things About this Movie

- Not enough backstory to the characters to let us appreciate the transformation. Nor was there a real transformation/regression.
- You could see the really funny really good movie behind this movie. Hidden from us. 
- Luke Wilson was a complete waste of a key character. Boring. Worthless. Thuh... d.

I can't recommend this movie. It's a video rental. It's below Road Trip in terms of laughs and practically plotless. It was surprising that they did such an effective job of taking a funny idea and turning into something that was so disappointing. There is funny stuff in this movie but put it this way. If Will Ferrell wasn't in it. The movie would have fuckin totally sucked.



(if you really need a ferrell fix. here's neil diamond highlights)