Panic Room

I just saw Panic Room which I thought it was pretty good but not great and it was sort of whatever. The movie was made by David Fincher who made the ridiculously super Fight Club. His movies always have great opening credits and this time it didn't disappoint either. The graphics were like floating in the air up high in the city and it looked very cool. Anyway the story is Jodie Foster and her daughter (a very Punky Brewstery chick) move into this apartment which is humungo. Like so big it was stupid big. I don't see why the two of them would want to live there. It was all sickly green inside and creaky.

Anyway the guy who lived there before them was rich (obviously) and like paranoid (obviously) so he built this panic room where you can run and hide if bad things happen. The room closes with a steel door and has monitors or whatever. It wasn't all THAT safe or practical for what it was but whatever. I won't give anything away but Forest Whitaker (Jefferson from Fast Times), Jared Leto (not sure what he's done but he looks familar), and Dwight Yokam (country guy) like want to get in the panic room where Jodie and Punky are hiding. And Jodie Foster and her kid go all MacGyver kinda.

Three good things about the movie:
-Jodie Foster showed nice cleavage throughout.
-Fincher did alot of really cool closeups and camera tricks. He is king of closeups and whooshing around.
-The panic room itself was kind of cool in a stupid way.

Three bad things about the movie:
-It had alot of stupid stuff that was difficult to believe.
-The characters in the movie never really clicked in.
-It wasn't scary enough.

Anyway the movie killed the time pretty well but it wasn't all that different than standard stuff. I pretty much whatevered it when I walked out. I think Fincher's next movie is Rendezvous with Rama. I might be wrong about that but I dug that Rama book so hopefully that will be cooler.

That's that. I like when movie review people give things a rating type review. But I couldn't think of a rating system yet. I'll work on that..

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