Slumdog Millionaire

(First off, apologies for the delay in typey typing up a new movay review but the movies out there haven't been so motivatey...)

So I had some choice about what to see tonight. Bond, James... Grond? Nay. Ooh! Maybe Rachel Gets Married?! I heard it's "great" although nobody seems to want to rave about it? Something's wrong with that movie. Not sure what yet but I'll find out this week and report back. It's almost great I'm sure. (This is just based on me absorbing information straight out of the ether btw). What else could I have seen? Twilight? I'm disgraced enough for being a late-comer to the cheesefest that is True Blood. I'm up to the ankles in vampire crap and that's as far as I want to take it. (cancelled HBO till the summer btw. and yes I've seen the cartoon.) Zack and Miri Make a Porno? Pass. Ok!!! I get it! You're very, very funny! And you say cock alot! And you smoke weed alot! I get it!!! Other than that it's the Transporter 3 and frankly, if I found myself sitting in that movie alone except a 24 oz. beer on a Friday night I'd probably have to consider going on some kind of meds to snap myself out of wherever that was I'd be.

Anyway, I guess I was sort of half-interested in this flick going in. I like Danny Boyle alot. From Trainspotting to 28 Days Later to Sunshine to this thing. I like the coolioness that comes along with a guy who not only seems to like to shift gears but is into changing the whole vehicles from thing to thing. But the idea of movie didn't psyche me up so much. To be honest, the culture of India has always been a tough sell for me. I've seen only one Bollywood movie... and I feel like I've seen enough...

Overall, I guess the Hollywood marketing of India hasn't been that great or something. Like Japanese culture works way better on screen. It has a strange spectacle appeal with the neon colors and bizarro nightlife and bustle. Almost alien. But India in the movies is always oranges and browns and dancing and weird instruments and coolio buildings and cows and poverty and shifty staring eyes and snakes and stuff. All that just makes me wanna go there. Not watch it. This probably just makes me sound like a big ignoramousausus. I dunno. They just haven't packaged India properly yet! I see India stuff it just punches me in the gut because I haven't traveled enough yet. Whereas the image Japan makes me feel like I can stay home --but I love staring at it. Not sure what I'm trying to say with this. (No offense all around. I'm talking about the image Hollywood gives off...)

So when this flick, "Slumdog Millionaire" moseyed into the theaters with the terrible title mixed in with the gameshow 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' plot driver-- I was just like... 'Ok let's just get this friggin over with so I can get back to watching Celebrity Rehab 2'. But from the first minute of this movie I didn't think, let's just get this over with for another second. I got way into it way fast. I dug the cultural stuff. The shots of the poverty were raw and hurty. The personalities of the characters got built up way fast. I believed the love. It was scary. And there was great action. It was constantly upshifting and puzzle downshifting between cop stuff and kid stuff and gameshow stuff and life stuff and I was soaking it all up! But I was suspicious. Expecting the eventual disappointing wipeout when it all gets shoved together. I dunno. Maybe I'm still stinging from the wildly terrible ending of Sunshine but I just sort of expected this thing to fly off the rails or just grind to a halt. But it didn't! It sped up and flew straight through bursting out the other side armswide soaring over crazily beautiful landscapes and garbage heaps that is this version of India.

Yadda. At times, the coincidences would be stretchy. Or the brother stuff would be like, 'Really? Could he? Really...? 'I guess so. Or I got hit with the weirdness of having Millionaire game-show music mixed in and being like, 'Wait. Why is this in this again?' I definitely dabbled in looking at this thing sideways as a big donald trump l'oeil. But I knew this movie won me over when the last Millionaire question came up and I got teary. My appreciation for the goodness of this flick just bubbled up and spilled over and I went all in. Sold. Done and done.

Three Good Things About this Movie

- I thought the brother stuff really kept things fist clenchily good.
- It was all jazzed up on its own sugar.
- The end credits.

Three Bad Things About this Movie

- It did lay it on a little thick at times.
- Early on it was a little difficult telling who from who.
- I still don't like the title.

All in all, if you're heading out to see something bad. Take a detour with this flick! Best lovey story of the year and a cultural splashy splash to boot. If you're heading out to see Four Christmases.... STOP! Resist! You are definitely f-king up! Go to this India instead! Nobody realllly needs to see Reese Withspoon making out with Vince Van! For frogs sake! Listen! Considering what came along in 08... I'm thinking this is the best flick of the year.

(But the year is still young....)