Spiderman (download the spiderman song here)

I just saw Spiderman and it was great. It was a 1:00PM show today (Monday) and I picked up a Dr. Pepper and this oriental mix stuff with dried peas at the deli and headed to the theater. They had a sign up that said Sony policies prevent them from selling the $5.00 matinee ticket for Spiderman. Thanks Sony. Dicks. Anyway I sat down in the theater which was like 1/3 full and ate my oriental mix and waited for the lights to go down. There was a dopey couple that played the Screen Scramble onscreen thing out loud. Where the screen said like 'Gna Eel' and I hear them say, "Nag Eel? Gan Luh...luh..." then when they put up unscrambled "Ang Lee" they say "Ang Lee!" Like they got it themselves. That made me nervous that they were talkers but they stayed quiet which was cool.

Anyway the credits open and I was reminded that Danny Elfman (who played Satan in Forbidden Zone) did the music in the movie so I got psyched cause he's great. I'm a big Sam Raimi fan and Spiderman was my favorite superhero so I was tripley psyched to see this flick.

I had some concerns about Tobey Macguire (kid with the red hood in Ice Storm*) cause he's got the 'boring' stamp on his forehead but he's a totally good Peter Parker. And Willam DaFoe (played the bad detective in American Psycho) is a cool Green Goblin. I never realized how much he looked like Gobby in real life. Kirsten Dunst was Mary Jane. Kirsten Dunst has a nice set. There is one scene in the rain where you see nipple through the shirt. That was cool.

Anyway the movie really is frickin cool. The scenes of Spiderman learning how to be Spiderman are total fun and when he's full swinging Spiderman it just looks... amazing. The movie flows fine and the fight scenes have real power behind them. Also the actual explosions seemed 'deep' and the sound is great. There's even a couple slight Evil Deadesque shots in there too. It lost a little oomph at the 2/3 mark but whatever. Nothing really else to say except that this made me realize what a frickin total disgrace the Batman and Robin movie was. 

Three Good Things About the Movie:
- Spidey swinging looked real cool. And the Goblin glider was fast and creepy.
- Spiderman stayed true to character as much as I remember.
- Danny Elfman.

Three Bad Things About the Movie:
- When Spiderman and the Goblin were just talking it looked like two guys in fake suits and silly.
- Not enough Bruce Campbell.
- It could have been funnier. Nothing wrong with more jokes.

Anyway I left the theater all psyched up. I was walking tall and pointing my wrists here and there like I was 10 years old again. That's all I wanted and that's what I got. I remembered little me with my plastic web shooters with string web and suction cups. The suction cups never stuck to anything. I didn't care. I was Spiderman then. I was reminded again today.

Sam Raimi is king.

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***Correction: Tobey Macguire wasn't the kid with the hood in Ice Storm that was Elijah Wood.  Thanks Kathleen.