Sum of All Fears

So I was sitting in my apartment around 8:25pm and I checked out what was playing at the Cobble Hill Cinema and I saw Sum of All Fears was playing at 8:30pm. I ran out the door and went to go see it. Having a movie theater two blocks away totally rules. I sat down in the first 10 rows cause my eyesight sucks plus I don't like sitting around people. I seem to attract 'talkers'. (FYI- if you talk alot in the frickin movies... please stop! whisper to someone if you have A (singular) question. you are not in your living room. you are in a movie theater. people CAN hear you. you annoy everyone around you. you have ruined movies for me and countless others. if you can't stay quiet in the theater stay home and wait till it's out on video and chew your popcorn with your yappy mouth closed!)

Anyway, Sum of All Fears stars Benafleck (I've had enough of him for a while), Morgan Freeman and James Cromwell (Good pig.) You probably have heard that it's about a nuclear bomb being detonated in the US. Baltimore to be exact. Benafleck (Ryan) runs around and saves the whole world. yea! 

I liked parts of this movie. Morgan Freeman is such a solid actor you gotta dig him. I've liked him ever since he was Easy Reader on Electric Company. He always seems to play the same guy but you always believe whoever that guy that is.. he's that guy. It also had this dude who I've seen in a ton of movies but only found out recently that he was D-Day from Animal House.

The Jack Ryan in this movie is younger than the Harrison Ford character. This Benafleck-Ryan is like a guy in a cubicle at the CIA who gets thrown into the center of both intelligence and espionage action because he wrote a paper on some Russian leader. Benaflek's role in everything was a humungo-magno-tremendo stretch throughout the whole movie. But if you can get past that and thru alot of dumb hollywoody political government strategic meetings -it wasn't a bad flick.

Three Good Things About this Movie
- The nuke explosion and attack on a ship looked very cool.
- Morgan Freeman is always good.
- Made you think 'Whoa. Nukes are like way serious and scary.'

Three Bad Things About this Movie
- Alot of dumb stuff plot wise around every corner.
- A russian/american nuclear war is so old school.
- Made you think 'Whoa. Nukes are way serious and scary.'

All in all I'd wait till video or better yet cable to watch this movie. Somehow it seems more fitting that a movie like this should be on the small screen. Cause it was good in a small way. The cheap way. With cool explosions and momentum. Not with any real reality or genuine plot twists.