I shuffled out of my apartment for a 12 friggin 40 AM showing of this flick and the place was pretty packed. I sat with a friend in the handicapped seats. As the previews rolled some dude to my right yelled out, 'Faggot!' My first thought was that was directed at me and my iffy Croc shoes. I didn't feel like having to think up some sort reply to someone who would yell that at me. I don't think he'd understand how my wearing Crocs is actually extra manly because I'm willing to look like a "faggot" in his eyes for the sake of comfort. Fortunately the 'faggot' was aimed at whoever was on the screen-- which made me happy-- as I am in no condition to brawl in the movie theater. Firstly, because I don't know really how to fight-- but if I was actually pushed to physically fight I think my style would involve kicking and you probably can't do that effectively in Crocs.

This flick starts up with some kinda coolio funk theme credits ok fine. Then it dives right into an all out assault of dick/tits/cock/f*ck style jokes. It was overwhelming (and sort of felt like cheating to win me over fast and get me laughing). It worked! There was so much cock! Don't get me wrong, I like plenty of cock in my movies just fine... wait.... let me rephrase that... actually let me just acknowledge that that needs to be rephrased... and just move on.

What really gets me laughing extra though is dumb physical comedy in stupid movies. I'm a sucker for it. Someone getting hit in the back with something. Hit by a car. Something hitting someone with something in the face. Or punched in the face. Ooh! And puking on people! I always like when someone pukes on someone else. There's good puke in this flick.

Fortunately this flick rose above the typical scene formula. Mix and match. Here's the chart:

Something like that? As far as I'm concerned you can film a whole movie just rearranging stuff on that chart and I'll be laughing more than the average adult comedy.

That being said (surprisingly) I had some issues with this movie anyway. I didn't love or feel for any characters on screen. It was more hit or miss than I expected. Sometimes I found myself laughing out loud to acknowledge something funny but it was more voluntary than I would have expected. Like I wondered if I was watching this movie by myself would I be laughing that hard? Or sometimes at all? But laughing is laughing and maybe I shouldn't be too greedy.

Also, I thought the acting was pretty sub-par across the board. Alot of the conversations seemed like they were being read off cue cards. I don't think any of the lead kids were particularly 'great'. Something "off" about them all. The fat guy was most funny. Especially when he got hit by the car. But I found him annoying on some level outside of the movie. The McLovin kid worked on and off but the hiphop shtick got old and he was hard to look at sometimes. Third is the skinny kid from the show that so many people loved that I never really liked nor understood why people loved. I don't see what people see in that kid. I think he's bland-- but that just might be a rhythm thing that I can't tune into.

I'm probably being too harsh on a movie that I had a good time with and cracked me up on and off throughout. But I simply didn't love it nearly as much as I hoped. I was crazy about Knocked Up so I was more than ready to embrace its dumb younger brother dancing around like a stupid nerdy a-hole. But when push came to shove, I thought the jokes, plot, script, music, editing, acting, "messages", and emotional moments... all felt just a little too cheap.

Three Good Things About this Movie

- Girl: You scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours. Fat Kid: Well, funny thing about my back, is it's located on my cock. (worth the ticket price right there)
- It made me want to see it again.
- The penis montage was hysterical and brought back some cheery memories.

Three Bad Things About this Movie

- It was in complete denial about having downtime lags.
- The "girl" liking them thing was unrealistic totally. Sorry. (Maybe that's just based on personal experience)
- I felt like a great movie got lost in there somewhere.

All in all, when push comes to shove I didn't walk away with any "lifetime" funnies in this flick. Nothing I'll be really be quoting a few years from now (unless some girl offers to scratch my back). Sure, it uses and abuses cock and dick and balls maybe more than any movie in the history of cinema (excluding european porn) but as far as 'classic' nerdy/high school movies go... this thing really came off a bit like a semi-desperate wannabee.

Just keeping it real...