Swimming Pool

So this movie has been playing at the theater around the corner for a couple weeks and I've been ignoring it. Not sure why exactly. I saw a preview for it and it looked ok. It just looked slow and lame-o. I really do want to see Jason vs' Freddy but all my friends in the neighborhood either are scared of scary or they think I'm dumb to want to see it. So it was Swimming Pool tonite. On the way there I picked up a big thing of water and some wasabi peas. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of wasabi peas but it just didn't seem like there was any alternative.  I snuck both into the theater and also bought a small popcorn. After I sat down I poured the wasabi peas in with the popcorn and like shook it up. It was a good call except I really just ended up eating all the peas.

Anyway, this movie. It was slow through and through. But not slow in a bad way. It's a rainy day movie. A late-nite movie. A blockbuster breakdown rental. It'll do just fine in all those circumstances. The real juicy part of this movie is it builds. It builds slowly. Steadily. All dreamy. It has the feeling it's leading up to something that's going to be really twisty and good. And that feeling makes this movie worth seeing. It sucks you in slowly and quietly.

But just when it reaches that point where it needs to flip- it doesn't pay off the way it should. It kind of tries to but then doesn't make it. Then adds a decent 'twist' for effect. The whole movie was really sort of a bad tease. It set the mood. The location. The situation. The characters. And the feel. A real good mysterious feel. So good that you're itching for something to come in and wreck it all. I couldn't wait. But the wreck never really comes. It just gets shaken up a bit. That's all. I did a see glimmer of the good wrecking ball coming at one particular wigout scene that gave me chills. But after that. Nuttin.

One thing that was coolio is that I'd say for a solid 50% of the flick- the hot chick in the movie was either topless, naked, or in a bikini. Plus you get to see the other woman totally naked too. So that was cool. But toward the end of the movie I started to get the feeling that the director was a bit of a perv who went through the script and wrote in red pen- like all last minute. 'She's naked in the scene...' Then turns three pages. 'Topless throughout this scene...'. Turns two pages. 'Put her in the bikini. The striped one.' etc..

Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, this movie had the potential to be great but it just threw it away to retain some respectable literary feel. If they just flung the movie off the rails I would have appreciated it alot more. Instead it tried to tie everything up in a nice neat package for the sake of respect. Granted it is a really neat looking present. Nice wrapping paper. Neat mysterious card. Excites you all tingley on the inside. But unfortunately once you open it up- you see it's just something you already have hanging in your closet.

Three Good Things About This Movie

- Naked chick and woman chick were both really good actressesies.
- There was a really good dance scene with a funny song that was like 'let's do it... let's do it'
- The characters all had interesting looking faces.

Three Bad Things About This Movie

- After such a great build up. The letdown was harder.
- It made me want to go to Europe and that's not happening any time soon.
- The side characters weren't developed out enough.

All in all it's a good movie. And one that might stick with me for a while. Maybe because the chick was naked so much. Maybe because it was a different kind of movie. Maybe because I'll remember how much I was digging it for a while. But most likely I'll remember it because they loaded the bases- then struck out on the 3-2 pitch...Whatever... Ya win some. Ya lose some. A good game is always worth seeing..