I went to meet friends in the city tonite and on the walk home I passed by a movie theater at 10:30. I had two choices. Jason X and Unfaithful. I grabbed two Miller Lite beers from the deli and Sun Chips (I like them Sun Chips) and headed in to see Unfaithful. It's possible I made the wrong choice.

I had heard some good things about this movie so I thought it might be ok- but it totally wasn't. There was one really good thing about it though. This Diane Lane chick is hot and you get to see her boobs and everything. But other than that it never really kicked in for me.

The movie stars Diane Lane who can act- along with Richard Gere who acts by blinking alot when he gets emotional to show how emotional he is. It also has a little kid that looks like Stan Laurel. Basically Diane Lane has an affair with this creepazoid frenchy dude and they do it alot. Richard Gere plays the suspicious husband and all that. The movie cuts deep at times like in terms of infidelity and how much it like totally sucks to be cheated on. The movie cruises along on that for a while but then it totally breaks down in Boringland and puts up the hood. And then they build a house there, and then we're invited to hang out in the house in Boringland, and we're served bland crackers and water. The couch isn't even comfortable. And then we're told to leave.

It's almost as if the director (Adrian Lynne-Fatal Attraction) decided he didn't want to finish the film or walked away and whatevered it himself. This movie ain't no Fatal Attraction. In Fatal Attraction you sensed the chemistry between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. In this you didn't sense nuthin between Frenchy and hot chick Diane Lane. And in Fatal Attraction you got nervous that everything was building up to snap. In this, there was not threat of a snap cause there wasn't even a string.

Three Good Things About This Movie
- Diane Lane looked real good and you get to see her boobs.
- Some nice subtleties in the movies with little jestures here and there.
- Cool shots of a car inside of a car wash.

Three Bad Things About This Movie.
- A tease movie in making you think it's going somewhere
- Not a rollercoaster ride. More of a carosel* with bad music.
- Richard Gere is king blinker.

Anyway pass on this movie. You'll see it on TV eventually but you'll appreciate it more then cause you can turn it off and not be bothered with adding up everything that is wrong with it. All in all though I am gonna give it two stars because it had some good shots of boobs and underwear and had the potential to be a good movie. It just decided not to be.

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*My mom let me know that carousel is spelled carousel.