June 29 2013

Moving Day!

from Instagram
Moving Day!


Mike B says:

Good Luck on the new digs !

Mr. E says:

Good luck with your new life in LA Todd.

Spanky says:

Moving cross country is expensive. Last time I did it was like $1 dollar a pound to move anything that far. Next time I do I’m breaking out the scale and if it’s cheaper to rebuy than ship then I’m gonna do a yard sale.

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

I’m happy for OddTodd but sad that New York is losing him.

Is that what they call “mixed emotions”?

Anonymous says:


Goats says:


That being said, good luck in LA Todd.

Arwen says:

Good luck!!

Nicol says:

Time marches on…. I wonder if there is a little blue robe wearer in the near future. I’m kind of sad.

Sad Android says:


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