April 02 2010

My April Fool Apology Offer

Um… So my April Fools post yesterday about giving Roscoe to some random humane society got mixed reviews. Some people seemed to appreciate being tricked. And said I was the only trick that worked yesterday. Other people were like straight up pissed at me. And yet, other people just got sad and then whatevered it.

The thing that surprised me is that people believed actually believed it. I figured anyone who visits my site often is well aware of my obsessive love for my dog– and with the relentless April Foolsing on the net– I figured this would be an obvious… Yeah right like I’m supposed to believe that.

So when the first person I heard from first thing in the morning was my very upset Mom… I know I had maybe way underestimated how ‘believable’ this post was. And over the course of the day, I’d read the comments section and go back and forth like, ‘See! It is funny!’ when someone would post an LOL. Or ‘Oh man, I so super suck!!’ When someone would tell me how much the post sucked…

Then I started feeling most bad for people who either believed it and walked away from the site– still unaware that it was an April Fools. Or people who got super emotionally affected and then got simply mad (or even more upset) when they found out it was a dopey April Fools prank.

So I’m making an offer of apology to anybody who came here yesterday and left feeling genuinely* sad or mad at me. If you send me you address (oddtodd7@hotmail.com) I will send you an Elf-Up magnet in the mail as a ‘please accept my apology’.

Send me yer address if you’re grumpy at me. And please accept my apology if this prank just went to far emotionally. And good vibes to y’all (especially people who are extra pet sensitive for very personal reasons…)

ok bye!

* Only real 100% upsetters please. No ‘Not really that upset at all but want a free magnet anyway people’, please.

PS. No, Roscoe didn’t find it funny…


Anonymous says:

Oh it just an April Fools joke. If people are that stupid to put two and two together. You want angry the local media where I am at put a very real story on that smoking in your car was now illegal. That a new law passed at midnight snuck into another bill. They even had real police officers on the highway pretending to pull people over for smoking in cars.

weeze says:


Fuck off Weeze says:


About to stop reading this page says:

Todd Please please please Ban Weeze.

Between him and Gunpenis’s racist comments. it’s really sucking around here.

On another not I thought your April Fools joke was awesome! Anyone with a brain would know that you would never give Roscoe away!

Anonymous says:

Ironic that gunfever came back for Easter.

Just what we needed. A Jungle Easter Bunny.

Jeremy says:

I thought it sucked and was surprising if you would have had to get rid of Roscoe. Of course I knew the date and so thought it was a weak joke if it was one. You’ve done better in previous years.

Anonymous says:

I was sad for most of the day. I just did not think someone would make an April Fool’s Joke about having to surrender their dog. With the way the economy is right now, it is actually a realistic situation for many people. Belly rubs to Roscoe.

oddtodd7 says:

Send me yer address please and I’ll get an apology magnet to you…

Anonymous says:

Todd, thanks but I do not want a magnet. i am just happy Roscoe is going to be walking, and sleeping and hanging out with you. xxoxo

Colonel Kurtz says:

Oh c’mon are you serious? Really? Now we need to make amends over a harmless joke? I think your mom deserves more than a magnet

citydba says:

I want a magnet! But I wasn’t upset. So, no magnet for me. Dat’s ok. ๐Ÿ™‚

C.J. says:

It was a good joke – especially in light of the fact that you post about your dog all the time.

Lovebird Lisa says:

I am an extremely gullible person, so of course I believed your April Fool joke, tOdd. ๐Ÿ™‚
I wasn’t angry or anything though. I was actually really touched by how far you would go to take care of Roscoe! Anyone who judged you over this needs to get a life.

rn says:

I’m in agreement with Lisa.

it's april fools says:

Hey there Todd, you don’t owe anybody anything. It’s a joke. People aren’t going to not come back over a joke. They’ll get over it. You’re a good guy to try and make everyone happy, but what you did was out of good clean fun. No one was hurt. Have a good day man.

jiggy says:

Man, people need to learn how to take a joke!

For the record, I totally believed it until I remembered the date. Good job tOdd!

Blah says:

Apology accepted. No magnet needed. I totally fell for it. Roscoe is a good boy.

Travis says:

People are too sensitive.

Nicol says:

Yeah Roscoe is back on the cam!

Goats says:

Twisted jokes are still jokes! I realize joking about death and/or giving away family members like Roscoe pups are “NOT pc,” but please people–grow a backbone! It was pretty obvious it was a joke –the url of the site was clear. While I didn’t pick Todd as one who would go “there,” I used to call friends and tell them family members died—then go “April Fools!” So who am I to talk????

Anonymous says:

Yeah who are you to talk? I thought jokes were supposed to be funny…

Rita says:

Wow. Having to apologize for an April’s Fool joke? That must be a first.

You know tOdd, don’t send those people a magnet, send them a life.

Anonymous says:

Wow. People are stupid.

tOdd, you are too kind.

Refflection says:

Careful, y’all. You’re calling his mom stupid.

Jean_Phx says:

After I laughed at the thought of you letting Roscoe go I called my Mom to laugh at the joke. (When I realized it was a joke) I’ll go buy a magnet – been meaning to anyway!

Anonymous says:

That post had a few of us at work yesterday feeling bad for you and Roscoe…and we are all southern construction workers (not the most sensitive men in the world) Bravo, good writing. No magnet or apology needed.

Lois says:

You got me good! My brother Bob emailed me this morning that it was a joke. Whew!

Anonymous says:

I hope you never get a job, Dude. Just keep making me laugh.

WTF says:

Todd should not have to apologize for other people being a moron.

Blah says:

As stated before, you are calling todd’s mother a moron, you moron.

Rae says:

I was going to comment. Then I read the comment by Lovebird Lisa and realized it was exactly what I planned to say (though she said it better). So, I guess I’m commenting anyway, just not saying what I planned to say, but saying something else. Entirely. Wait. What was I saying? Oh yea. No hard feelings tOdd. I can’t imagine anyone getting angry with you over anything. You are way too good hearted, and it shows in everything you do. Even in an April Fool’s joke about getting rid of sweet Roscoe!

Stoner McDope says:

I understand… perfectly. We’ve been smoking from the same bong.

Odd Todd says:

Let’s stop talking about my mother… Plus, alot of my very close friends fell for it hook line etc…

treefp says:

Oh come on people, get over yourselves…you SHOULD feel sad if Todd has to get rid of his dog, that’s NORMAL!! What’s not normal is whining to Todd about how his joke made you feel sad, boo hoo hoo and it’s all his fault!! When I first started reading it I thought it was real and VERY sad as well, then I remembered what day it was and I saw it for the joke it was… a story that Todd is very lucky is not true! It reminded me how lucky I am to NOT be in the position of having to make that decision to let a pet go and to have some compassion for people who do have to give a pet up, for whatever reason. It happens,and it stinks, so be glad it was not for real this time!

Anonymous says:

It was April fools day and Todd fooled us. That was the point. I thought it was fantastic.

[…] My April Fool Apology Offer « oddtodd.com […]

Anonymous says:

did the animal rescue at least get some donations out of this?

Leslie says:

You’re too nice a guy. Just send your mom a magnet. She’s the one who counts the most. Well, her and Roscoe. Make him some scrambled eggs and call it a day. We’re all good!

Anonymous says:

No apology necessary, Todd! (I’m the girl who cried when I read your post…) You just made it look and read so real (I realize that is the point with April Fools gags, but still…) Just wanted to say that it didn’t make me like you or your site any less, and you don’t have to send me a magnet to prove how nice you are. Keep doing what you do!

Ali says:

I really want a magnet — I collect ’em. But I would never take advantage of your generous offer. You pulled an awesome prank. It was funny. No apology needed. I’ll just buy a magent- you do sell the, right?

Donny says:

I DID have to give up my dog JoJo some years back cause my job had me working around 14 hours a day. Two days later I got canned and couldn’t get the dog back. I read this and was trying to figure out if it was a joke or not until the links and like everyone else says he just wouldn’t do that. Being someone who did have to get rid of there dog, i still DO THINK THIS WAS FUNNY! IT’S APRIL FOOLS DAY PEOPLE! lighten up! i just made a joke this year and it backfired from a too sensitive wussy man. people just need to get over the fact that they had a false emotional intense moment and should be glad it wasn’t true. that’s how i see april fools day. people don’t get mad when they are scared on halloween. now do they get mad when thinking of things they have that others don’t on thanksgiving or christmas. why get mad when a proposed horrible situation is false for a holiday when it’s expected? grow a pair, or lighten up, depending on your gender, and HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!

rn says:

I read your April Fools post about Roscoe and in all truth, I believed it. But I wasn’t upset or emotional about it. I was puzzled. I was like, “OK. Hereโ€™s a single guy giving away his best friend. Somethingโ€™s not right here.” Then I started reading the comments and then it clicked.

Shit! Todd punked me! Good one.

Regardless of how people feel, I have to say this is your first REAL April Fools prank you pulled on us.

Well played Todd. Well played.

F-bullshit says:


Did you retire or somethin’?

Roscoe says:

Ruff! Ruff!

Todd retire? Nah!

Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

rn says:

Happy Easter. The eggs are a nice touch tOdd.


Stoner McDope says:

I thought they were jelly beans… either way I’ve
got the munchies.

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gunfever says:

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lana says:

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Null says:

I wasn’t upset, I thought it was amusing and entirely in keeping with the prior April Fools’ bits you’d done. I’d like an Elf-Up Magnet, but I’m not gonna lie to get one.

rn says:

To be honest Todd, people will remember this April Fools prank for years to come.

Anonymous says:

Hahahahaha – I missed it on the 1st, but AWESOME job Todd! You’ve always got something crazy up your sleeve for April fools.

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

The question is: How does Roscoe feel about all of this? And do you think he cares?

odd marc says:

Todd, the joke was well written and you did have me going for a few moments. I was feeling really bad, but you know what!?!? good jokey-joke. you got me. I’m ok. This makes me appreciate my dog more. I’m going to take her for a long walk tonight.

Tenny C. Jed says:

Todd, good work on the April 1st joke- I did not fall for it this time as I did in earlier years. It just made me LOL and say ‘good one’. Can’t beleive so many people fell for it.

MarkSpizer says:

great post as usual!

Santos Pace says:

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