You got a bad neighbor? Or bad tenant? Or a bad landlord? Or bad dormroom neighbor? Or a bad roommate? Or are you the bad neighbor? Or do you disagree or have advice?

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The "pooper",
When I lived in NYC  I had a killer apartment, right on central park ( upper West side ), 19 th floor of a 20 story building with unbelievable views.. nice lobby, 24 hour door man ect, so it was a pretty upscale place ( at least for me it was ) however we had this one person living in the building whom I nick named the pooper.  He was in his 40's or so... and god help you if you  were on the elevator and he got in..... why because he stank and I mean  god awful bad... some times you just got the bad body odor ( like no bath for weeks I suppose ) but usually it was...... because he took a big, nasty, SMELLY, dump in his pants and well just walked around with it back there..... it was sooo bad if you were trapped in the elevator  with him and some else got in you had / wanted to signal them that this awful smell was not coming from you ( hand signals / rolling eyes ect ).  additionaly he was a drunk and would pass out on the side walk in front of the building or just make it to the lobby couch area and go nighty night right there.... security ect would not want to pick him up and move him to his app. because of  who would want to touch some one that smells awash in diarrhea + he owned his place so no way to evict him or really do anything..... I moved out.. unsure of the current status of the pooper ( cpw & 97 th )
John L


here's my NeighBAD story (again):
My uncle used to live next door to me with his wife and kids. However, they got divorced, and according to the agreement, the ex-wife gets the kids most of the time and he gets them every other weekend, so he's there in this great big house all by himself. He eventually moved out, and although it sucked that it would be harder to see my cousins, it was good for him because he had this tenant in the basement apartment that never paid his rent and owed him about $5000 (and my uncle was unemployed at the time, and still is, making it worse) which meant he no longer had to pay for this jerk's water and electricity and stuff. Plus this tenant was a drug dealer and a bookie. But that's not the main NeighBAD story.
A bunch of hispanic people moved into the house. (Side note: When my grandmother, who also lives next door, talks about them, she refers to them as "those people" with an obvious tone of disgust. I think it's funny. I don't know if it's because they're Hispanic or if it's something else, but that's besides the point.) They're not bad, but their relative/tenant is.
At first, it was cigarette butts. He'd sit there and smoke, and he'd flick his butts into my yard. When my mother found them, she filled up a whole bucket full of them and decided to yell at her boyfriend, assuming it was him. Then she realized that there had been this huge snow bank across my yard and that there was no way it could have been her boyfriend, so she dumped them back over the fence.
Then, it was beer bottles. He threw a whole ton of beer bottles over the fence. The ground was still frozen, so they smashed all over the place. My mother picked them up and went to their house to complain. They gave him a talking to, and that was that for a while.
Then, my sister and I are sitting at home on our computers, minding our own business, when suddenly the house starts rattling and we hear this horrible bass pulse. It was like "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" and it went on for HOURS. I went to see what was going on, and it was the asshole tenant again, sitting with one other guy in their driveway, drinking beer and blaring horrible pop music with the bass cranked way up. They stopped eventually, but by then we all had horrible migraine headaches.
But the worst thing he did was pretty damn gross. I was at my grandmother's house, and as I walked back across my yard to go home, I look over, and there's the guy standing in the open window with his pants down, pissing out the window! I mean, seriously! There's young children in the neighborhood! Plus, the bathroom is right across the hall from where he was! Why didn't he just go across the hall and use it?! I wanted to call the police, but my mother said no. She said she would call them herself if we caught him doing it again.
He still occasionally throws beer cans or food scraps into my yard, but it's been much less frequent. You can still see the piss stains all over the wall though. They're spread out in a way that shows that the time I caught him wasn't the first time he had done it too. Ugh.
Third, . I'm just curious how you'd do on the Geek Test. I scored exactly a 25, and I was diagnosed with mild Asperger's Syndrome. I'm just wondering, because you seem to have a few rather Aspie-ish tendencies, judging by your What's Happenings and stuff. If you're interested, I could send you some good autism/Asperger's-related links.

Got a terrible neighbor? A terribler neighbor? Do you suck as a neighbor? Think about it... write now!
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