April 07 2010

Nephew Just Left!

Slacking round these parts because nephew was here for a couple days… Update soon! I’ll type up how I ended up in the friggin East River up to my waist. And what I thought of How to Train Your Dragon (in 3-D) awesome… And my feelings about Smores Pop Tarts. And I’ll also post the animation we made together about a cat and a rocketship and it all goes wrong…

Thanks for your patience! Kids (well ‘kid’) is like alot of work and stuff!

ok bye!

PS. Here’s the ANIMATION we made together.


FIRST says:


weeze says:


Honestly says:

Please fuck off Weeze

................. says:


alfredo says:

do you like gladiator movies?

Nicol says:

SECOND!!!!! also lame I know. I wonder if I should go ahead and add the comments for wheeze, and the real wheeze, and ask about Mr. Deng and, tell wheeze to suck it, and add the word balls and type in a picture of boobs and demand number 9 before I get laid off in 6 weeks (hint hint tEdd), blah blah blah, John Freakin’ Kennedy, God, and all that other crap.

John "Freakin' " Kennedy says:

Well, Nicol, that certainly about wraps it up, my fellow American. We can all go home now. Good job! You can have a position under me in my administration anytime.

Sincerely freakin’ yours,
John “Freakin’ ” Kennedy
The Oval Office

Anonymous says:

Can’t wait for the movie reviews Ted.

r n says:

Nice. Can’t wait to see your nephew’s animation piece.

r n says:

Cute toon Todd. I wasn’t able to see it where I was before (YouTube vids were disabled).

Susan says:

That was cute! He did a good job!

Waverly says:

Wow, Todd, whatever your nephew is taking — I’d like to try some.

That was kind of mind-bending.

Jane says:

Good job on technical supervision, Uncle TEdd. But Jordo is quietly edging you out of work with his fresh, new vision.

Rae says:

What a neat toon! Your nephew just might be following in your footsteps, tOdd!

My Butt Here says:

Way ahead of it’s time. Cult classic in the making.

WTF?!?!?? says:

I guess this will have to do UNTIL WE GET FRIGGIN #9 ALREADY?!?!?!?!

Not bad actually!

r n says:

Todd, you should also add that toon to the “New To Flash” section of your site.

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