July 14 2011

New iPhonery 3, 4 or 5 Debate

So my iPhone 3 finally hit the ground one too many times and ended up like this here:

That’s two separate smashes. Impressively it still works although my swipes seem to fragment out little pieces of chinese glass. Considering I never had a case on the thing and it hit the ground nearly every single day in one way or another– the 3 proved itself to be shockingly durable.

It clattered on the concrete so many times (bending over to pick up poop, running for something, hole in the pocket dropthru) and it got up time and time again like Rocky Bal-IPhone. But the last drop was asking too much. My headset snagged on a gate and it ripped the iPhone out of my shirt pocket. Flew up and out. When I tried to grab it out of the air it I ended up slapping at it and spiking it like a volleyball– I might as well have thrown it to the concrete like a superball…

Secretly, there was a side of me that was happy when I picked it up and saw it was donezo. It meant I was free to get a new phone! And the camera on the 3 is sucky so I was psyched to have a new phone with better camera so I can get back to taking pictures of decent quality (my cheapee digital camera also broke from hitting the ground one too many times) thus, the lack of pictures here as of recent.

Anyway, here was the conflict. I was out of contract with AT&T which meant I qualified for the hookup cheaper phone. And I had two choices. Get a cheapee Nokia 3650 phone and play Minesweeper all day– and wait it out for the iPhone 5. Or get the 4 now and accept the fact that I won’t get the 5 when it comes out. Or get a 3 for $50 and then pay out the nose out of contract for a 5? But I also want a good camera now so I can make with the clickings and 3 sucks. But only $50? But I know I’ll want the 5! But if I go 4 now it’ll be a contract killer. But the 5!? When is that out again? 4.

I get to the store and I’m weighing out the betters and worsers. The guy at the store told me they have the iPhone 4 in white. That seemed kinda coolio but also maybe unmannish. I quickly texted like 5 people take an insta-survey. Is a white iPhone for girls? The answer is apparently yes.

Anyway, long story short. After a spoiled brat debate in my head I decided I would get the 4 (in black) now and hope the 5 isn’t something so great (nor coming soon) that I’ll regret the decision and stuff. My next phone will hopefully be the 6. Yes, I got a protective case for it (Otterbox) Yes, I will take lots of pictures now (starting today). And yes, it is a friggin impressive phone. Jailbroken and all… shh…

ok bye!


Anonymous says:


Amy says:

What do you mean jailbroke?

Fred says:

It means spending all your money on jailbait.

Android User says:

iPhones are over idiot

RoundAWAY girl says:

Time for all of us to get a life and AWAY from gadgets all together! Is it not TIME for all of us to reexamine how much time we spend staring at COMPUTER screens? It’s killing what makes us HUMAN!!!

Bitch slap says:

Be quiet RoundAWAY girl. No one cares what you think.

Anonymous says:

RoundAWAY girl, weren’t you staring at a computer screen when you typed that? Just sayin.

Anonymous says:

Dont get a case. Too late I know. It’s like, you spend money so it doesn’t get scratched and looks nice; but its got this uggo case on it so it looks ugly anyway.

iphone fix says:

t0dd, most iphone kiosks in the mall that sell protective cases, usually will replace the glass for about $60.

Android User says:

Isn’t it obvious how much iPhone sucks when the most amazing new thing about it is that it come in white now? Yep, white plastic. Groundbreaking stuff.

Anonymous says:

isn’t it obvious how much phone snobs are complete tools ans probably suck dog dicks ?

Guest says:

There you go again talking about penises.

the REAL weeze says:


THE real WEEZE says:


archie says:

I remember when tODD was single and a PC guy. Boy the way Glenn Miller played—

Concerned Parent says:

I would suggest you remove the link to the promoting illegal content. you should not brag about theft with youre SHHHH!

You are better than this.

Anonymous says:

concearned parent says: I’ve become old and out of touch with the real world. please protect my babies by censoring your blog!

Anonymous says:

As long as you are happy with what you purchased and it does what you need, then it does not matter what brand you purchase. Always haters, always lovers of a certain brand. If it does what you need then enjoy it.

Iphones are great
Androids are great
Blackberrys are great

Bring back the brick phone. You drop one of those and you don’t crack the phone you crack the concrete.

CaptainBob says:

iphone 5 comes out in september. Patience young padawan, you had not.

Darthfu says:

There is no date set for the new iphone bUT the rumor is it has been pushed to xmas 11 idiot. Dont open your mouth unless you know what youre talking about yoda ahole

Fbomb says:

I facetime my boyfriend

The More You Know says:

Jailbraking your iphone is 100% legal.

No joke.

Paj says:

Why does nobody on this board know how to spell? Typos EVERYWHERE!

Anonymous says:

shut your fucking pie hole paj

Hey says:

yeah paj

Available on eHarmony says:

#1. The iPhone 5 release date has not been announced.

#2. The iPhone is superior to Android phones because of the selection of apps.

#3. Jailbreaking a phone is not illegal.

#4. Spelling mistakes are everywhere because the people on this board are ridiculous.

#5. Have a nice weekend to the rational people here.

compassstl says:

App counts are about equal between Android and iOS. More Android apps are free (with ads) but don’t have as strict a review process as iOS, which, granted, leads to more duplicate apps with android, but less inclination for Google to interfere with the apps as they don’t profit from app sales. Also, Android allows for app purchases/downloads from third parties, like getjar, Amazon, SlideME, handsfree, etc. Finally, insurance for non-iphones is less: the iPhone is the most expensive carrier-subsidized phone in the U.S. to own and maintain, not because it’s good or special, but because its overhyped.
Personally Todd, I’d recommend a cheapo or a used phone that meets your actual NEEDS and save your upgrade for a phone that is just outside your affordable financial range to have the carrier pay for it for you and that is worth sticking with for two years. Android, WindowsPhone, Blackberry, and apple all have huge updates coming in the next few months, and with Nokia, the leading phone maker in the world, making a resurgence in the North American market, it’s worth the wait before committing. Don’t go with an iPhone just because you have one: you might find something you like more that isn’t such a financial investment

Anonymous says:

ok asshole

Odd Todd's Evil Twin says:

iPhone and Android phones – WHO FUCKING CARES! It’s a portable computer. Grow up people.

bungholio says:

You fucking people make me sick.

Nico says:

HTC INSPIRE end of the story, I Phones are crap compared.

Anonymous says:

Man, why is this message board so terrible?

Guest says:

Because you are on it.

Becky in Tejas says:

When you get a new iphone, you can buy insurance through SquareTrade. There’s a 30 day waiting period, but I have friends who have used them and they are great. You can buy it as an app. They currently have a coupon code of FF30 that takes $30 off.

Marneyman says:

The Otterbox is good product. When I finally made the jump to an iPhone (I got the $50 3GS) the first thing I got was an Otterbox. I hope you didn’t pay more than $15 for it though. They are really overpriced unless you hunt around for the bargain. I am also not sure if you can find the bargain for the 4. It might be a function of the impending (percieved) obsolescence of the 3.

What is up with the T.D.F.I.L.F.T.V. bored?

Anonymous says:

that’s a bummer! 🙁

stef says:

my android consistently proves itself superior to my boyfriend’s iphone.

Anonymous says:

And then he shoves his cock down you throat.

Anonymous says:

Bummer! 🙁

Anonymous says:

And gives you a happy ending.

jrowe says:

Bummer! That sucks!

Anonymous says:

dis is smart forum i liks it alot cuz it makes me fel smartest for reding it an i lern alot wen i do

Matt says:

It’s all just a scam of consumerism. Apple rolls out a new version each year and everyone scrambles to buy their latest phone. How long can they keep the scam going? iPhone 7? 8? 9? Hurray for Apple for being the best company ever! Puke.

It’s the same with 3G and 4G. Hey, guess what’s coming next year? That’s right – 5G! It has a higher number, so it must be better, right? Right. Too bad we already have the technology available, but the companies are just waiting to roll it out, so they can capitalize on each new batch of sales every year.

And everyone goes along with it so they can have the coolest new phone. Man, talk about wasteful.

Magic 8 Ball says:

Thank you Matt for clearing that up for everyone. If you are happy with the phone you got, stick with it.

CaptainBob says:

DarthFU you don’t know jack. Its september. Bank on it and eat crow.

SteveO says:

I’m glad you blogged about this because I’m in the same situation. The only difference is I already have I an iPhone 4 that has been smashed up and working for a couple months. It’s actually amazing how well this thing works even though it looks like it was dropped from 20,000. The final nail was when I took it swimming the other day. So now I’m about to go visit the geniuses down at the Apple store to see what I should do.

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