April 16 2010

Time.com Toon! – Income Tax… and You!

Find out how to avoid income tax in 3 easy steps…

I was screwing around before and I accidentally deleted the original post w/ all the comments. Sorry bout that. I got confuseded with this new site situation.

And here’s an example bout what I’m talking bout in the toonage. General Electric! $0!

Thanks to the bloggers at Jimmy Fallon for hooking up this toon!


oddtodd7 says:

Sorry commenters for deleting all the comments from yesterday… but btw…. FIRST! :-)!!

Prince of Space says:

T0dd, you get the extra awesomeness award for today 🙂

First! says:

HA HA! Weeze got pwned

R N says:


Hey Todd wouldn’t it be cool if you did a parody toon with Roscoe and Boscoe based on the sci-fi series Fringe.

Coolio Time.com toon about Income Taxes.

Waverly says:

Loved your cartoon!

Kat- AWESOME! says:

I love the thumbs up with the “Awesome” but I gotta tell ya if you want to make a follow-up many of us would be interested in, “How to Become Bermudan” would be on my “must see” list! Great job! (AWESOME!)

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

I was just in Bermuda— not for tax reasons— and it was AWESOME.

And Hahahahaha for “Boscoe”.

Angel Kuman says:

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