December 17 2009

news + stuff

Hey Howdy! Happy Tuesday Y’all! The website will probably be down today for a bit while we switch things around and stuff…

Typed up a review for Alice in Wonderland that you can read here if you wanna. And a new What’s Happening is here and stuff!

Plus, This week will be the launch of a new homepage! And new toon this week too! And MepMatch game iPhone app has been submitted to the iPhone store! Another free app for y’all! Big thanks to Jim Boney for being the app guy awesome!

And other stuff fingers in the works! Fingers crossed and stuff! Thanks for your patience round these parts! Plus, I’m heading back to LA soon! This still lives on!

Good vibes to y’all!


PS. My PO Box is Odd Todd – PO BOX 23133 – Brooklyn, NY 11202

PPS. As always, CooliO Funlinks below for you to poke at and like!


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