October 28 2013

Not Loving the Magic Castle

Not-Loving-the-Magic-Castle (1)

If you gots pics having a bad time at Disney.. Send em in here…



Greg Li says:

There was never any “magic” to begin with.

Angry Man says:

Minnie Mouse terrorized me as a kid becaue she spoke from the mascot head and inside was a fucking guy

Bugs Bunny says:

It really is a place that overloads the senses. Also it overloads your wallet. $100 for each to get in. And what do you get for that just the rides. You’d think they would cut a deal on food and drinks and other things but nooooooo way doc. You’d think they would pay the employees well. Nope, same story, just a bunch of carrots.

Anonymous says:

phuck walt disney. phuck him right up his stupid phucking assh0le

Fomeopinsesee says:

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