June 23 2010

Pat Widmer’s Dog Training Book

I scanned in a wtf chapter of this book (alot of it is super wtf). It was published in 1977. It’s kind of unbelieveable. I thought dog people would get a kick out of it… (not sure how much Roscoe would have appreciated the suppositories during training…)


the REAL weeze says:


SW says:

whoah, that’s some messed up stuff….

hippie says:

wow. the 70s must have been so cool. high on saturday, low on sunday. so many drugs about that dogs are getting into them. wow.

wha wha what says:


momo says:

Wow. Hard to believe that was really published.

retodd says:

The 70s were so awesome. Everybody was high, even the dogs, and everyone was getting laid. Even the dogs.

Anonymous says:

Your mother called. She wants a vuvuzela!

Anonymous says:

vuvuzela! you are so dirty WEEZE.

Stoner McDope says:

Ahhh… the ’70’s… the days of eating hash brownies and giving some to Fido… dropping acid and letting Morris the Cat get into it…. um…what was I saying?

treefp says:

See? We used to do all kinds of stuff back then that freaks everyone out now….we got through it OK…um, by the way, whatever happened to the guy that wrote this book…?

Coolio Chick says:

Whoa! Crazy stuff.

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