September 25 2013

Paul Williams!

from Instagram
Paul Williams!


W00T says:

Paul Williams in the House!

charlesm (in Bostown) says:

“We’ve Only Just Begun” (how fun to have seen him!) Ever seen The Loved One? A very weird movie with a very young Paul Williams in a small part in it.

Sean Bean says:

Who is Paul Williams?

Guru says:

He should’ve kept the trademark long hair and glasses. He’s a classic. WTF is with the suit, short hair and modern glasses. I would say that is not Paul Williams.

mary says:

Makiā€¦as always, great post here.

The Dude says:

He is a timeless classic. He really should have kept his look. He missed out on so much when the 70’s retro thing was in for awhile. It really would have taken him into the level of a culture god.

Stanford Book Shop says:

Smokey & the Bandit. Yeah!

Winslow Leach says:

Best Paul Williams movie role?

For my money, it’s either the short and Satanic record mogul Swan in “Phantom Of The Paradise”, or the short and hairy ape in one of the many “Planet Of The Apes” sequels in the ’70’s.

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