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Hi Odd Todd,

My husband and I check out your site every day during lunchtime at our music store.

This is Jazz. He is 5 years old. We adopted him at 8 weeks from the humane society when we lived in Florida. He had a cold and the shelter was gong to put down the whole litter of puppies but we raised a big fuss and he became ours!  He is a very sweet dog who loves his stuffed toys. He has about 30 stuffed toys and loves to carry them to bed, outside and everywhere. They all have names and he knows most of their names.

Jazz has not been a cheap dog . He has had his eye scratched by a cat and been in an e-collar for 2 months, blew out his knee running on ice and had surgery on the knee and had severe allergic reactions to mink oil spray at the groomers and  BBQ sauce. Both resulted in a trip to the vet.

We give him a biscuit everyday as we leave for work and when we get home the biscuit is still there. Then he eats it with such happiness. He is really a great dog!

Pets rule!!!

Kathy  (in cold Penna wondering why she moved here from warm Florida) 



This is Seven (Startrek Voyager)  and Tayla (SG: Atlantis) camping at lake Sonoma on October 25th ,  gotta love California weather!.  Seven is an eight year old Timber wolf and Shepherd, she tips the scales a 140bs and Tayla is a four month old Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever mix.

I will leave it to you to decide the good one from the evil one.  Something in the eyes I think.

The playing gets a bit rough but they some how now when it's time to settle down.  Well,  the big one dose any way.

Keep it up Todd.  Love the site.


Aaron Z


Hi Odd Todd,
This is our dog Daisy.  She's a 6 year-old English Mastiff.  I think this pic was taken about a year ago so she's much grayer now, but she still loves tennis balls.
I love your site btw, have been reading you for many years!

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