Wednesday's Pets

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 You need pets do ya? Well, here is Smokie enjoying his rawhide. It also
 doubles as a baby sitter if I want to take a shower and don't want him
 to destroy anything. He is going on 11 years old but still tears stuff
 up like a puppy. Here he is outside sitting in his chair guarding the
 yard. I had to put Kitty down 2 years ago, but this was one of his
 favorite spots in the house, sunning in the window!
 Keep up the great work!


This is Theora. She likes to play tug of war with strings or shoelaces. She has this string in her patented "forbidden death chomp."


Since no one sent you Wednesday pets, I thought I send you mine. This is Annabel Lee.

She is saying “you’ll lose your little mind in my deadlights. Like all the others.”

Ya know… like Pennywise at the end of the movie.


The first one is a Pom mix named Patches. He's our oldest dog, but newest addition to the family. His family wanted to get rid of him at 12 years of age with some major medical problems. So, after losing our 17 year old cat, my mom and I decided to adopt him and give him a forever home. He has been adjusting fairly well to us and the other dogs.

The next one is our second newest who is a 6 year old Pom named Peachy (short for Peaches 'n Cream). My dad and I got her for my mom after our 16 year old Pom died a few years ago. She is very hyper, loving, and sweet!

The last one is a Lab mix named Pearl. I adopted her from the human society 6 years ago and is about 7 years old. She's an extremely shy dog, but loving once she warms up to you. She is a very lazy dog, but enjoys her squeaky toys!



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