Wednesday's Pets

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Hey Todd,

This is Charlie, a 7 month old King Charles Cavalier. He Loves playing and chew on his toys.



Dear Todd,
This is my Chihuahua, Jiggy, through the years. Yes, she was named after the song! It was very popular in 1997 when I adopted her. She danced a happy little jig for me every day when I came home from work and the name stuck. As you can see, she was barely taller than the grass!

She does not like spaghetti, but kindly posed for a picture with it for me so I could have a photo of my two favorite things. 

The bandage on her leg is from a recent visit to the vet to have her teeth cleaned, they need to knock her out to do it and she had an IV boo-boo. 



Hi Todd! 

Meet Marty.  She is our 9 month-old cat that we adopted from the Animal Rescue League.  She is an outstanding athlete and a great hunter.  I bet she captured a lot of birds before she was rescued.  In this picture, which we call Marty Takes Flight, she is about to nab a small mouse that we threw her way.  She can get much higher than what we captured in this shot.  She is a great little girl.  I recommend a kitten for any family that wants a little more joy and laughter in their lives.



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