January 24 2011

Pictures for the Week!

Hey! We voted on next What’s Happening! Pics for the Week came in second but I’ll start with the runner-up until I figure out what I can write about without getting myself into trouble and stuff…

I decided to play a practical joke on a neighbor with these rocks. But I
didn't stick around to see his face when he opened the door. And I don't know
who he is. He's like 100 years old though. I haven't seen him in a while… 🙁

There's so much I don't trust about this signage situation. Starting with the
fact that they don't know how to spell Lasik.

I decided to play a practical joke on another neighbor by painting their
house pink. I've had alot of free time on my hands…

Went to a screening of The Fighter and these guys did up a Q&A after. Marky Mark seemed all pissed about my five-part Funky Bunch question.

Took this after the first big blizzard of the year. It was the closest I've
ever been to a real life zombie atmosphere. Everyone was just wandering around
with like stunned faces instead of saying ‘Braiiinnss’ they were saying

Look at this deathsicle hanging up there. I saw that and was like, 'Man, I
hope that doesn't kill someone…' But did I call the cops? Nope. I did tell
the guys in the market to watch out tho…

Roscoe is a big fan of the snow. He thinks it's all for him. Sort of like when
you get in that mindset that you are the only person in the world who truly
exists and everything else is an illusion done up for only you. He's like that when it snows.

Basketball and snow just doesn't go together. The dribbling. The jumping. The
short pants. No wonder my NSBA league never caught on.

Not sure why my stupid camera (Nikon Coolpix) took these all gold-style.
Sometimes it works out ok tho…

I haven't tried it but I think if you look at this one with 3-D glasses it'll
be in 4-D…

These rocks were all in a pile all over the place so I stacked em up nice nice. When you’re OCD about having things organized sometimes it ain’t easy…

It's a rule of the world that all empty playgrounds are filled with children ghosts…

This photo almost didn't make the cut until I realized the plywood looked
like it was spraypainting the tag…

These sidewalks were totally snow covered but then the Flash ran by. I guess
the Flash moonlights in the winter…

The Hulk's apartment building?

ok bye!


tainted says:

todd you could totally go into construction as a human bulldozer/crane..i mean itd be pretty easy for you

hulk says:


Penee says:

These photos suck maybe next time have a theme

Anonymous says:

I think the theme is shit he sees when he goes out walkin. I like it.

Anonny Mouse says:

So does everyone else, anon120. Don’t mind that guy’s small penee.

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

Yay! Picture Week!

Arwen says:

LOL @ “five-part Funky Bunch question.”

the REAL weeze says:


Paule says says:

Yeah Todd the pictures are always very cool. Screw those other assholes that don’t like them. There always the best. Keep them coming.

Anonymous says:

Todd, I’m gonna need the address for the building with the “Do Not Hit Door” signs.

I really, really, really need to know what happens when you hit them and who was the first person to actually hit them and cause something to go seriously wrong enough to warrant signage.

Heather says:

My guess is that the plywood would collapse inward towards the person hitting the door.

Also I don’t think the Hulk has the brain cells to erect a door frame.

MP3Daddy says:

Actually there are both Lasek & Lasik procedures although I am not really sure what the difference is.

Anonymous says:

The pictures look orange tinged because of the lights used. They are high pressure sodium, so they give off a more yellow-orange light that most people just don’t notice. Most cameras have a setting to nullify the effect though. But that’s something you’ll need to look up. I am just saying why they look as they do. It’s not the camera!

Donna says:

Amy Andrews? Who is Amy Andrews?

Adams Todd, Adams.

JT says:

Hulk’s apt building! Hilarious!!

LaDonna says:

I think the pics are cool. Hulk’s apartment building is hilarious! lol I can’t imagine why they’d have those signs up.

Jenna in Jerz says:

I love when you post photos…I sit inside almost all day (cause I have a stupid job) and wish I could wander and photograph random stuff. It’s like living at a street cafe and people watching! Thanks for sharing Todd!

oddtodd7 says:

testing 123

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