July 22 2010

Pictures for the Week!

Hey! Here's some pictures I took this week and you can look at them for free!

Not sure if this was a worm hole situation or just protest procrastinators
finally getting it together…

I'd prefer if this type of advertisting was unnecessary…

I believe the best price thing. Not sure if I'm convinced on the 5 star thing…

Bastille Day down the street this weekend. It was like 140 degrees outside so
I celebrated for like 30 seconds before running somewhere with AC…

Double D pool? I wanna swim in the Double D pool too please ;-P

Judging by what I've seen around town this damage could have been done by a

Circa 2008 I'm thinking…

Either inspirational message or undereducated hermit warning…

Pretty coolio looking thingee someone done did there…

This was the wall decor in a bathroom I was in the other day…

Had Roscoe with me on the subway the other day illegal style. I'll tell the
story another time..

That protest at the beginning was just a movie being shot. Not sure what the
Iraq/Vietnam mashup was about…

ok bye!


PS. I had this recording on my voicemail today… for Mr. Cologne. Thought it was a friend playing a joke but it ain't…

And that’s Cyndi Lauper…


ALON says:

Cool pics!

WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! says:

As always!

blueloon says:

zis u reflected in reflect DD door?…just wonderin’

Captain Obvious says:

That’s what a reflection does, citizen.

Z says:

Dude! tOdd! Your pictures are so awesome! The captions for them make me laugh, and I could always use a good laugh.


Mike says:

What’s the deal with the Mr Cologne thing? Did you call that guy back?

Kevin says:

Mr Cologne is broken.

Anonymous says:

Actually the reason for the tiny gruop of “protesters” was that they were only “register” body’s (doesn’t mean they registered for the draft). With these CGI tech can “stamp” hundreds of protesters around them. I was in the SFX lab where they were working on this (not allowed to tell more details)… isn’t that strange? And to think O-Todd gets a photo of it! By the way, wouldn’t you all like to do away with all this CGI crap? It’s killing movies. Alice In Wonderland? What happened. Great talent, and it was like they were all under water, since the “green screen” took over for any real story or writing. Like everyone was phoning it in from their new IPhone 4 and had their hand on the antenna.

Refflection says:

dittos on your anti-CGI-ness, anon… if you use it as a medium for the occasional flick, great, but when it becomes the ridiculous crutch it is it becomes sickening. i love filming with super8 myself, doesn’t get any more raw than that.

yd says:

Hello, what has happened to the daily funlinks? How are we to procrastinate and waste time at work if we are not given a new flash game, video, and picture gallery on a daily basis? Must we find them ourselves? No!

Stoner McDope says:

” and you can look at them for free! “… wait… um… what? Oh wow man, I’ve been paying for them all this time…

Kung McGraw says:

Hey! That’s my Brooklyn neighborhood! Cool pictures!

Campos18Nellie says:

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Lorelei says:

I love the sticker on the car in the Cologne photo:

“I am so gothic I have no reflection”



Hey guys. Don’t forget to vote for Ginger in 2012.

Stoner McDope says:

…wait… what… um… what happened to the 2008 election? I must’ve been stoned and I missed it…

Anonymous says:

To Stoner:

In 2008, we elected a bush clone. The current boy’s voting track record indicates the same, insane need to expand the powers of the Executive branch. Like li’l bushy, Obami signs laws that he claims “will not apply to this office.” That, and concealing a big-business bailout by mandating the U.S. citezenry begin investing in another corrupt and failing organisation. This legislation is euphamisticallly called, “The Health Care” bill. It amounts to little more than a pole tax.

The pole tax is indicative of a fascist state, in this case, economic fascism. It is now illegal to not invest your money into the failing insurance industry. You’ll know if it is true fascism when your life is reduced from a RIGHT and identified as a PRIVILAGE. It would take something like comparing health insurance to automobile insurence, but no one is stupid enough to say something so telling into a microphone.


My Butt Here says:

Whatever you do when you see those radioactive drums around is DON’T call the number. It’s really a flesh eating zombie and they will nuke the location you are in.

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