November 11 2010

Pictures for the Week!

The dancers doing some flips and fist pumps and stuff. Found out they get about
$150 a night for dancing around.


The Knicks City Dancers… and a Knicks City D-Bag.

I was trying to think of some boner/balls/wiener style joke for this but
couldn't think of anything…

Before the game they had these guys shooting hoops. I liked watching them more
than the actual game…

And I headed out to watch the marathon this weekend! The chick to my left was
waving a BIG sign that was annoying everyone behind her big time.

One legged dude doing it up. Somehow I get the feelings the Achilles guides never quit early…

Dude was dressed as a hot dog. I think by mile three I'd be ripping that thing
off of me…

SUPERMAN! (btw When I was a kid I had Hulk underoos and they kinda sucked
because the undershirt wasn't even green. It was just white with a small picture
of the Hulk in the middle. Lame.)

Not sure why Jim McMahon would time travel from 1986 to run a marthon.

Tampon heads? If that's not what they were going for and… well, it's bad look

Anyway, I was walking around and looked down into this apartment pit and saw
this. The most wellkept apt pit I've seen…

Bathroom wall. Here's a link to


These guys were sitting up there playing telephone but it wasn't a great game
because they all only know one word.

The grey slate building looks like it snuck up on the tan stone building and
demanded a piggyback ride…

The other night I seen Roxy Erickson playing a gig and doing his thing…

Here's a Roky (13th Floor Elevators) song…

ok bye!


Z says:

Great pictures, tOdd!

Anonymous says:

Coo (pass it on…)

Stoner McDope says:

Nobody’s making great music like the 13th Floor Elevators anymore, man.

Wendy says:

Type us a story tODD!

Paule says says:

Todd keep the pictures coming they are great! Mr. Deng has got nothing on you!

veterinary technician says:

I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

matt says:

makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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