April 26 2011

Pictures for the Week!

Hey! I took a bunch of pictures! I think it’s time for new iPhone because the 3 just isn’t cutting it no mo.

Anyway, look see here!

Not sure if this thing was made intentionally or not– and can't I decide which I’d

Was walking around with Roscoe and saw a dog shrine hanging out over yonder…

Maintained with a fresh banana and everything!

Seems like a bad ass but he was singing Air Supply songs…

They Don't Shoot Carousel Horses… Do They?

Nice use of puzzle and monster… I googled TrexNyc and here's that there….

I couldn't tell if they were marching toward Manhattan or awaiting orders from me…

Not sure what a 'religious test' is… Like pop quiz style or drop pants style or what?

Ay! If you don't want people on the rocks then stop putting rockas all over the place!

I wasn't all that crazy about this thing and then I looked what was blinding the duck…

Then I wondered if this was a part of the art or criticism of it…?

Nothing strikes again! No answers revealed!

I have a weird feeling we're not alone…

I have a feeling we're not alone…I have a feeling we're not alone…I have a feeling we're not alone…I have a feeling we're not alone…

Thought twice about getting one of these on the way home…

The pink tree is blooming in front of my apartment which means… it's time for allergies!

This bus was parked there so I took a picture…

The bus driver named Bob came out and explained to me what he was up to (seems coolio!)– and gave me a free sticker…

I told him I'd post it on my website and link to his….

ok bye!



Krankor says:

So, does this mean that sausages come out of a pig’s butt?

Regardless, they ARE tasty.

Anonymous says:


Morphix says:

That is a loon, not a duck. And I would avoid the cumcumbers, personally.

Odd todd ii says:

Cool pjoto test

Lurraine says:

YMMD with that ansewr! TX

Morey says:

Hey, you’re the goto exerpt. Thanks for hanging out here.

Paule says says:

Great pictures Todd keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Short jewish girl says:

Short jewish girl strikes again. I wonder what that’s about.

pete says:

In the second pic it says short jewish girl?

Origin Porn Tube says:

Lerman, it is a great post thanks for writing it!

Short Jewish Girl says:

… is my “Rap” name. I wanna walk around with Todd when he takes these pictures.

Connie says:

HHIS I suhold have thought of that!

Rosie says:

What a joy to find soomnee else who thinks this way.

mp4 to mp3 says:

Maki…as always, great post here.

Susie says:

It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Tahkns!

flowy dress waitress says:

i love picture day!

Anonymous says:


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Guest says:

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At least your conversion makes sense though. I didn’t understand the point of mp4 to mp3.

T-Rex says:

Roar! Thanks for the link!

Reignbeau says:

Glad I’ve finally found smoehting I agree with!

JohnBush says:

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dfhsfjsj says:


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