July 22 2011

Pictures for the Week

Hey! I got a new iPhone so some of these are from the 3 and some are from the 4. The 4 is more betterer! Here’s some photos to look at:

Ravishing radishes with their ridiculously radical ragendas…

more photos>>>

Either my dream garage or my nightmare garage. Depending on my mood…

I'm just a little guy. Little guy me. My little guy eye cries blood from the sky. For me. For me. For me…

Whatever with this corny oh-so-clever whatever…

When Brooklyn trees go to war– they gear up with plastic armor! Semper Fir!

This restaurant was closed by the Dept. of Health for being gross.

When I took a picture of this empty frame and said a random word– the thing would appear. Like when I said ‘Blue Dress!’ and clicked a picture– the photo looked like that…

Every time the car jolted– he got a little jolt. Made the piece more dramatic.

Saw this out in Red Hook so I googled Sharon Bien. Sad end to her story.

Allo Govnah! Sor'y caint hear you too well, mate. Yea. Am got a ram 'ead
on!… A RAM ‘EAD ON!

Oye, mate! Bloody 'ell! I finally found meself a spot to take a piss…!

Roscoe and Wally mixing it up and playing it up and dogging it up.

Weird thing is Andy is actually sealed up in that thing. If it gets struck by lighting he's coming back!

This guy just wandered out of the subway wall, gathered up his stuff– and headed down a dark tunnel.

I'm not sure about the Abolish All Prisons sign but the rest were about this here

This is either a message to rats, a message to people, or a message to muse.

At the Central Park zoo with niece and gf. We found out the seals were hams…

They used to slaughter animals in the Meat Packing district. Now they slaughter culture.

The last photo taken with my iPhone 3…

ok bye!


Anonymous says:

Awesome pics and commentary, tOdd! Love that sky in the last pic ~ WOW! ! !
~Lovebird Lisa 🙂

Paule says says:

Great photos as usual! Keep them coming!

the REAL weeze says:


Anonymous says:

I do hope Andy comes back. I want to piss in his mouth.

Jean_Phx says:

Thanks for the great photos!

Angry Man says:

I would love to piss in his mouth too

The Amy says:

“Slaughter culture” ROFL! Thanks for the laugh.

Alon says:

Costumers bathroom was awesome!

Wenday71 says:

Sharon Bien made me sad. But then Ram’s Head Man made me happy again!! Good thinking with the order they’re in!

RN says:

Loved the photos Todd. 🙂

Jenna in Jerz says:

I love love LOVE it when you post photos. Wish I had a window with lots to look at and watch while I’m behind my computer screen….

SS says:

Magnificent and brilliant photos and captions!

Sassy Starshine

tainted says:

those radical radishes are gonna team up with those crazy cherries..CONSPIRACY! THEY HAVE MUTATED THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE!

Matt says:

Lol, Todd, your comments are classic. Keep up the great work.

Brian the Great! says:

Why would you think of a blue dress? Next time think of some boobs or something. The “pictures of the week” needs more boob shots.

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