August 17 2011

Pictures for the Week!

Hey! Here’s some pictures for this week! Because it like won in the poll and stuff! (I guess that says something about my bloggery as of late) But I’ll type up something soon too anyway!

See pics here clickery!

Some handpainted signage going up on my street. Finished paintery at the end!

Tree: Num num num…

Brick: Noooo!!!

Tree: Num num num…

Brick: Noooo!!!

Tree: Num num num…

Brick: Noooo!!!

Tree: Num num num…

Brick: Noooo!!!

Street cones bullying the sandbags…

The metal wall of nervous doubt.

The hidden keyhole to a long lost bonsai rainforest?

Verizon Workers out on Strike. Apparently it's getting ugly and stuff.
Info here.

Something that's almost art but not quite art is now called "Nart" Coined it. Boom done.

The frogs at Freddy's. These guys were snacking on live goldfish all night. Have adjusted ok after the eviction.

Not nart?

This guy was either pulling this thing like Ironman style or begging to be untied…

It's a good thing tree vines move in slow motion or we'd all be donezo in no time..

Here's what they're building at Ground Zero. It's looking pretty narty.

Guy 1: So umm… We can like get married now. Wanna?

Guy 2: Meh. Getting married is sooo 2011.

Guy 1: It is 2011!

Guy 2: Meh. I'm over it already. Let's revisit on the retro.

It would be cool if this woman's name was Kate. And there was no S.

Lola reluctantly making an appearance here…

All the punk pylons were migrating toward that building for secret Pylonian plans…

This would make a great overnight practical joke if you wanted to put in the effort…

I asked the fireman if I could go onboard and blow the horn and shoot the hoses and he said no but offered me a kick in the nuts and a shove in the water.

Here's a candle from Baxter of California playing it a little too loose with the word 'retards'.

They were filming Jordache commercials around the corner this week.
Apparently relaunching the brand. The commercials coming will show Jordache in
the 70's… and 80's and today. This being 80's.

Great! Just friggin great! Go ahead take your picture, jerk! Friggin great!

The finished product! The artist told me it was a local band but he didn't know the name… Anyone?

More pics soon!

ok bye!



mike s. says:

street cone bullying, bonsai keyhole and punk plylons are great. make me hate you. in a good way. everything else: nart.

Anonymous says:

good stuff, thanks Todd

Anonymous says:

The Beatles.

Ken C. says:

Pylonian plans – who could blame them. Jordache is making a comeback? Ugh. Fishface needs some lemon, can smell him through the interwebs, ooof!

Thank you for the pictures of the week.

the REAL weeze says:


wink says:

Wall of nervous doubt is so profound, Reluctant Lola is going to be the name of my band!

KOOOL says:


it has been TO LONG !!! for one

And I would love to know how he did SWIMING !!!

Nick says:

The band on the painting is Where’s Fluffy

ali says:

is lola the girlfriend’s dog?

Sheriff says:

Great photos todd

Concerned Parent says:

It is DISAPPOINTING and DISTURBING to see the word retards on a packaging for a candle. I personally believe that that item should be taken off of the shelves.

Concerned Citizen says:

You sound like a real retard. I personally believe you should be taken off the streets.

ss says:

Brilliant photos & captions Todd!

Sassy Starshine

Vato70x7 says:

Always enjoy NYC pix in Texas!
p.s. send rain…please.

Krankor says:

Love the Don Rickles fish!

Paule says says:

Great pictures Todd. Photo journals are just as cool as blogging only they are as a whole ART! Not nart fart or Bart!

oddtodd7 says:

Coolio thanks!

Me says:

The votes were not a bad reflection on you bloggery of late!
The pictures are great but the blooging got more votes.
It just got split between the suggestions.

Jimb says:

Your pics are great!, For me to poop on!.

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