August 06 2010

Pictures for the Week! Art Week!

So today I walked around in an art show by an "artist" named Mr. Brainwash.
He was featured in the recent documentary called 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'.
(I saw it when I was in LA and planned to type up a review when I got home but I
got lazy. It would have gotten 4 cookays).

Anyway, the dude is known for being a semi-fraud artist semi-bad
semi-talented semi-great semi-cool artist (who may or may not be an actual
artist)– if you wanna go twisty on it.

Unfortunately I stupidly left the house without my regular camera so these
are all sucky iPhone pics. Makes me want to get a new phone…

Here we go! Mr. Brainwash!


Picasso was trapped inside…

Here's what the place looked like when you walked in. Very peptorama…

I wonder if they paint the splat to look like a splat… or make the splat
with an actual splat.

Here's like MJ plugged into some other art? That chick got badonkadonk!

I hope this was intentionally ugly.

I guess there's some sort of art message in here. Something about consumer
aerosolism or something?

This was actually pretty coolio. That's a real life-sized cab and stuff!
(Imagine the person rich/dopey enough to buy this…)

I was so tempted to write an F on this one… For both grading and funny.

That horsey was made of rubber tires and it looked miserable. Not sure what
Jimi is doing there…

Other art outside and around! More pics!

Coincidentally I took this picture a few days ago in some random place in the

Here's a message from Elbow Toe…

I think the 'our' that's referred to in this message would likely not include
this particular artist in their particular our.

This art was on the High Line and I think it's better than any of that pepto
brainwash stuff…

Dogs don't understand the arts. Only the farts…




ok bye


PS. Here's Mr. Brainwash's website… if you wanna..



Anonymous says:

This foto series is almost epic.
Todd’s comments are the best. The one about roscoe made me laugh out loud

Nicol says:

Roscoe looks like those Hollywood chicks when they lose a bunch of weight. Big head, small body.

Blackbird96c says:

My dog doesn’t understand her own farts at all. She acts all startled, then turns around and sniffs her own butt, like, “WTF was that?”

JV says:

My dogs do the same thing. How do they never figure out that sensation? Even after like 7 years of experiencing it.

Z says:

LOL @ Blackbird!

Hey, that is a cute photo of a newly trimmed pup! Loved the photos, tOdd.


Crumbles says:

They asked me to move that bucket of pink paint annnd WHAM

Anonymous says:


Cookie says:

Roscoe kinda looks like Spencer Rice. Great pickchairs.

Alex says:

Hahah yeah Spenny dog, but nooo because Spenny is a bitch!

The Campaign says:


Ginger says:

I vote for that!!!!!

Angry Man says:

Poor Roscoe. He so bald!

Ginger says:

Like his old man!!!! HHAHAHAHA

Pookie says:

Roscoe is so cute in his summer “doo”. But he is super comfy.

Pink says:

Great photos, Todd!

Mr Bill says:

Enough about the art, who is the slut in the first picture?

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