October 10 2011

Pictures for the Week! From Occupy Wall Street!

Hey! I took a bunch of pictures down on Wall Street yesterday! You can ZOOM in on em if you wanna read signs and stuff! Coolio!

I saw this sign after I walked around taking pictures of sleeping residents and stuff…


When I walked up to the park there were like a wall of signs around it– to get in you had to sort of get through that.

Seen alot of the V masks around. Surprisingly creepy to see them peppered all over the place.

For a while I just walked around reading all the signs…

There were alot of people like crashed out nap time style. Zoom on in…

Hippie chicks all around and stuff.

… and obviously first protest sign (Dude, typo AND white out situation??)

There were enviro-mental dudes showing how we can do stuff more cleaner and betterer. I tried to google this but it was a tough google.

I couldn’t figure out where everyone was going to the bathroom. I guess the local McDonalds. (kinda ironic).

Images like this didn’t seem to be necessarily ‘helping’ the cause(s).

You could almost hear this sign in her told-ya-so voice.

I couldn’t tell if people liked having their picture taken or not. I guess they were used to it.

This scene was just downright sketchy sketch-a-rama…

The agendas were sort of all over the place– but the place had an ‘all agendas are welcome’ feel.

I guess graphic designers can be protest sign makers too…

The park did have a fair share of d-bags. Not sure if the guys on the wall were serious or not.

Drum circle was super high energy. Chanting ‘This is what democracy sounds like…’ Over and over.

If you zoom in– I guess that’s an elephant molesting a fox or something?

Not sure if this was the ‘Official’ declaration as to the Why. You kinda lose me at “Grand Viziers”…

This dude totally cornered the market on the No Nukes area of the park.

Mom with a couple kids joining in. Was kinda coolio to see…

Not sure if guy has the thousand-yard stare down yet. Maybe like 20-30 yard stare?

I respected this kid but I think he could have spent a little more time on his signages…

I thought this sign was pretty clever. Not sure if it’s a standard at rallys or original.

There is That.

“Awww mannn… Why couldn’t I have been born in the 80’s?!”

Almost all the conversations I passed by from dudes like this down to the unshowered– were pretty emotional and on-point in one way or another. For all the shenanigans there didn’t seem to be that much ‘joking around’. Almost all group conversations I eavesdropped in on were about the financial stuff.

Fun to zoom around on this one…

These guys were jamming out some protest songs 60’s stylee…

All in all, my takeaway was this was a ‘real’ movement that ain’t going away any time soon (unless these horses move in eventually). The protestors seem way intrenched.
The human interaction there was sort of inspirational. Nice to see people away from Facebook whining and all that at the very least.

The huge amount of messages and visuals definitely make this place look like a big protest mess (although the anti-corporate/wallstreet stuff obviously dominated) — not sure if it can clean up or not– but whether the message gets hazier or streamlined– my impression was this will continue to grow. It felt like a long overdue destination spot for so much stuff about too much stuff or not enough stuff…

And stuff?

ok bye!


Anon says:

The whole place looks dirty.

No thank you

Clark says:

Where do the protesters go to the bathroom?

Appalled says:

Love the coverage, makes me want to spend my weekend there.



gunfever says:

i dont need political bullshit here write about your fuckin dog or something lazy

Being Milt says:

I think that one in the middle with the gold chain is everything wrong with the US of A

Biddy says:

Hippie girl has a SERIOUS tramp stamp!!

Roscoe Fan says:

nice pics

Roscoe Fan says:

but the zoom thing is slow and annoying

goats says:

I went down today. Lots of hippie young people. Very few serious protestors it seemed. I bet by winter, they’re gone. It seemed like a lot of people were just laying around like it was their living room. And the smell–oh man. It smelled like grundle and pits! There was lots of free food though. I saw lots of pizza coming in! I had my sam’s falafal (best in the city–south side of zucotti park–)so I felt bad mooching.

inner monologue says:

sure, let’s end the fed, and go back to…carrying gold coins?
and yes, let’s end corporate capitalism and go back to…feudalism? socialsim? anarchy?

finally, I want my loan forgiven, because even though as an adult I took out 50k in college loans, I shouldn’t have to pay that back. It is wrong to bail out banks! but please bail me out.

all makes total sense.

24 YO -- Unemployed says:

You sound like you are old.

Anonymous says:

Yo, 24YO-Waste Of Space- do something productive with your life. Get out of your Mom’s basement and get a life.

Glenn Beck says:

“Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsies with these people, you’re wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you…they’re Marxist radicals…these guys are worse than Robespierre from the French Revolution…they’ll kill everybody.”

Amy says:

Who sounds old??

the REAL weeze says:


me says:

Plenty of those people are just the local bums that moved in for the free hand outs such as food.

K-Mark0 says:

The only difference between the lazy tea party people and the lazy wall street occupiers is the better spelling with the latter’s signs.

legion357 says:

since I noticed lots of iphone/pads in the pictures the protesters should keep this in mind…

CUPERTINO, California—July 19, 2011—Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2011 third quarter ended June 25, 2011. The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $28.57 billion and record quarterly net profit of $7.31 billion.

Just sayin

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

I wonder if people are having sex at night under those blankets.

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? says:

You should seek medical help.

Common Sense Man says:

What I find funny is that most of these protesters are sending out photos from their smartphones. You know – the devices that were created within a capitalist system. Ugggh.

Anonymous says:

No one is protesting the capitalist system. They are protesting their lack of representation in our government. It’s not about bail outs and hand outs, it’s about having a government elected by the people to represent the people. It used to be that way. Now we have elected officials who do the bidding of their corporate sponsors, and that is what needs to change. Just because someone buys an iPhone, it doesn’t mean they want Apple to tell congress how to run.
That the majority of the protesters are “smelly hippies and unemployed college kids,” is a simple matter of who has more time on their hands to go out to protest. People go when they can, but the ones who have more free time obviously stay longer.

Overall I am disappointed with the attitude of the people who turn their nose up at this protest; they are doing what you cannot that we all might have better opportunities. Even if you feel it’s a lost cause, you have to admire their determination to try.

SSUP Member says:

They have free food!

Intolerant Ass says:

Anonymous, please do not come here with your rational explanation and your facts. We are trying to have a knee-jerk reaction and we don’t need you coming along ruining everything. I must know call you a socialist hippie to nullify your comment.

Goats says:

“they are doing what you cannot that we all might have better opportunities.”

Anonymous–SERIOUSLY? I could quit my job and waste my entire day lounging around complaining in a park, which is what OWS amounts to, OR I could actually try to better myself….hmmmmmm…what’s the better option there. Those people need a good beating by the PO PO! They should get a job or at least make a continuous effort to find one. Sitting and begging and “protesting” is super lame! I hope they get sick and starve. What they are doing is dumb, not admirable.

me says:

When the revolution comes, skateboards will be free

Guest says:

Goats, you are a fucking moron. These hippies may not be accomplishing anything but to suggest that because they have a different opinion than you they should be beaten is beyond ignorant. STFU and go read some American history and don’t come back until that pea brain of yours starts running.

goats says:

Guest, you are the moron sympathizer. I make plenty of money. I even make money trading stocks (GASSSSP!) I may not be the 1%, but I sure ain’t part of the 99% this group claims exists.I went down and saw this circus for myself. I hope they get a little taste of what Boston got last night sooner than later. I am not suggesting we beat them for their opinion, I’m suggesting we kick their asses out of the park b/c they’re annoying the residents! I am well versed on American history. This is not the 6os and what they are doing (permanent occupation including camping in the park) is not Constitutionally mandated by any stretch!

Guest says:

Goat, you are incorrect. I am not a moron sympathizer as I have no sympathy for you. You still do not know what you are talking about and you were told to STFU and get out until you got those half dozen synapses in your skull firing. Clearly that hasn’t happened yet so leave until you get your shit in order.

Payne says:

Over focus on profit has fucked the country. If tea party joined forces with occupiers it could change things!!!

Valerie says:

Why don’t they show up on my mac? I just get black windows. Was it really dark that day?

Founding Father says:

A US citizen has a right to legally make all the money they can to be as happy as they can.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

You Failed History says:

While one can assume in a free society these goals would be obtainable, nothing in the constitution says citizens have the right to make as much money as they can or to be happy. Your quote is from the Declaration of Independence and, although a brilliant document, it is not part of the constitution.

Anonymous says:

To “You Failed History”:

Did you even TAKE History? Who said that quote was from the Constitution? The Declaration of Independence is about the inalienable rights that belong to every HUMAN BEING, and that can’t be taken away by any government. And no one said anything about a right to BE happy, just a right to PURSUE happiness. As in try to find it for yourself, but don’t expect anyone to hand it to you for free.

Concerned Parent says:

I feel it is definitely true that most children are TOO MONEY ORIENTED these days! My children have been raised with more important goals than simply MAKING MONEY. I recommend you promote similiar values because a persons work for the bettering of MANKIND is what makes this country GREAT! NOT SIMPLY how much can I make by DOING STOCK MARKET MATH!!! I think we can ALL agree on this! Profit in your heart first! The LORD agrees too!

inner monologue says:

people loved bill clinton and he gave away our manufacturing base to china and signed nafta.

people love obama and he has us in two wars that cost billions of dollars a month.

people hate the banks but yet he sent not one banker to jail.

if you don’t like your representation vote for better leaders. if you don’t like the system , armed revolt is the only way to change it.

Anonymous says:

Face it, the guys are just there to hit on the 20- year-old braless hippy chicks.

When confronted with titties, their brains get all stupid and they make comments like the one I heard on the news today- the interviewer wanted the protestor to explain his sign which demanded someone else pay for his college education.

When asked why, the protestor said it was his opinion that someone else- anybody else- should pay for it, while he reaps the benefit.

When the interviewer suggested that maybe that was impractical, the protestor said he just wanted it. Period.

Sounds like somebody can’t handle their boobs-in-the-face.

Odd Todd Fan says:

Love you Odd Todd! Glad you’re still here!

oddtodd7 says:

Zooming photo thing? Is it coolio or not coolio? Cant decide if its better than normal photos…

-DJ- says:

There’s a painted-up naked chick in the “Fun to zoom around on this one…” pic.

Nobody has used the name Common Sense, so I will says:

Kinda makes me laugh at the power of anonymity the internet has. Almost all of the people posting here are older than I am, and have been spoiled by a previous societal country that has no doubt changed (especially within this century). Goats, you have been fortunate enough to have profited in the stock market despite the downfall. You must be a Herman Cain supporter when he says, “If you’re not wealthy, and in the 1%, it’s your own damn fault”. Simple math tells us that if 100% of Americans had the opportunities that you and he has, there would be no 1%. I have a 60 year old friend at work that lost $10,000 dollars when the stock market crashed, and she hasn’t recovered any of it since. Simply put, if you have money, can provide for your family comfortably through a job or through investing, then of course you see the lower-middle class as “lazy” or “hippies”. I cannot argue with you that you are right or wrong, because that is subjective. If you truly believe you are right, and I truly believe you are wrong, neither of us are going to change each others’ minds (especially over the internet). On a side note, this is not a “protest”, Occupy Wall Street is a worldwide MOVEMENT saying we’re sick of the 0.1% of the world’s richest population being able to control and manipulate the media, government, and subsequently the people, without the people having representation. If you look at history, this is precisely how American was founded. Ever heard of a thing called The American Revolution? We wouldn’t be here today without that, so I would suggest you read up on it.

Common Sense says:

Also, oddtodd7, I have never seen the zooming photo thing until I came back to oddtodd. that is pretty dang awesome, especially with the resolution oddtodd has with his camera.

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