June 15 2010

Pictures for the Week! Here they are!

Hey I took a bunch of pictures and you can look at them if you wanna!

This thing hissed at me as I walked by. Total dicksnake.

Not sure if this was physical or psychological…

People stopped on the sidewalk waiting for me to take this picture. I felt
like a big perv…

Not sure what this is but it was in my camera. Looks like a $15,000

This pipe was sticking straight up and then I totally supermanned it…

I buzzed the buzzer and a wooden robot monster in a bow tie opened the door and asked me if I was selling vacuums. When I told him I wasn’t… he sighed.

Saw this abandoned on the street. I guess the owner took a look at it and was like, Yknow what.. I’m gonna start over…'

Leaf piles for monster children..

A homeless bed.

'Ay… They make these motorized now?'
(The gang was Iron Crew)

I bet a simple handwriting check would prove this a forgery…

Every time I got near this lock something on the other side would bang
against the wall…

Soho ladies heading home after a hard day's shopping…

I guess most stuff is based on squares and rectangles rather than circles or

This guy's other hand was in his lap and his penis was out.


Man, being a big giant monster would be awesome in NYC…

Saw this in a bodega and couldn't understand it. Translation?

BP protest going on in front of the NYT building. Felt weird taking pictures
even tho it shouldn't.

How many faces do you see including shark faces…?

Brazen robot robbers…

ok bye!


PS. When I saw all those motorcycles pull up to the pizza place I figured the restaurant would be all nervous like ‘Every Which Way but Loose’ style. But not the case with Iron Crew


Total Dicksnake says:

Yay!!! Picture week!!!! Can I use “Total Dicksnake” as my name?

The Great Captain Taco says:

I think you just did.

kvadrocikly says:

Great pics

Sue says:

Those cans of room freshener are part of the hoodoo tradition. Hoodoo is described as an African American form of magical folklore. The product pictured translates into money house blessing. The scent of these cans purports to be opium. Not sure what opium smells like. What if, instead of attracting wealth it attracted a visit by a D.E.A. swat team.

Anonymous says:

Hoodoo: Voodoo, but with less zombies, lol.

Just kidding.

Jimborama says:

The cans are obivously one of Robert Dineros offshoot companies, just like Paul Newman’s.

Anonymous says:

Fuck Mr. Deng. That disappearing cock sucker.

Mr. Deng says:

Hasn’t it been long established that I was faked by a 24 year old white girl? Get over it, already.

WTF!?!?! says:

Nice pictures. I can almost smell the urine coming off the sidewalks.

the REAL WTF?!?!?!? says:

The REAL WTF?!?!?!? loves New York and would never say anything against it.

Although, yeah, technically, a lot of the city smells like bums peed on it, especially during the hottest parts of the day during summer.

Todd (not tOdd) says:

Seven faces? Two Sharks?

the REAL weeze says:


the REAL weeze says:

That wasn’t me. I’m more intelligent than that idiot. Please please please Todd make the imposters stop picking on me!!!!!!

Crankor says:

I smell like flowers!!!

Rina says:

HAHAHAHA!! Your caption for the monster faces on the pipe reacting to the statue’s penis being out is so full of win!!!!:D

Oh and yeah I counted 7 faces and two sharks as well.

Concerned Parent says:

Please do NOT post more photos of SMUT in the future!

I was looking at your photographs with my daughter. Thank you.

PS. Love this websight!!!!!

Anonymous says:

I’m wondering if looking at adult-themed material with your daughter constitutes sexual abuse? Anybody have any legal advise for this pervert?

Or is he just jerking us off here?

Sue says:

Or you could just preview them first and decide on their appropriateness before letting a child see them.

Breaking News says:

If you are aware of what Todd is capable of then don’t expose your daughter to the site. Simple logic.

WTF!?!?! says:

Concerned Moron of a Parent:

This is an adult-oriented humor “websight”. Your failure to understand that it is inappropriate to be viewing it with your daughter is not Todd’s (or anyone else’s) problem. The site’s long history of breasts, penis flashing, strip clubs, and toilet humor is what has made it popular. Keep your kid away.

Sensitive Parent says:

Please post more pictures of SMUT. There ya go, 1-1 draw, guess the status quo remains.
ps. love the wibsight

the REAL weeze says:

As the only real real weeze I denounce the imposters and the haters. I am seldom first and feel inferior because of it. I wish the voices would stop…

Concerned Parent says:

I understand that Odd Todd talks about breasts and potty humor however I apprecaite his photos of the week for the entire family as they are usually artistic and interesting. I was suprised and disappointed he took a photograph of a sex shop and included it here.

Anonymous says:

Your kids probably sees worse on Primetime TV and basic cable. Get over yourself.

WTF!?!?! says:

I understand my local strip club is all about naked women dancing however I appreciate their reasonably priced buffet as a good deal for the whole family. I was surprised and disappointed that my kids could see genitals while eating.

I understand that Playboy magazine shows women with little or no clothes and over-inflated breasts however I appreciate their electronics reviews as they are usually in-depth and helpful for the whole family. I was surprised and disappointed that they had a photograph of a nude woman holding a digital camera.

So, again, to break this down:
1. OddTodd.com is adult-oriented
2. Todd is not your daughter’s keeper
3. You are responsible for controlling what your kid sees
4. Re-read 1-3 until it clicks

Amy says:

Are we really having this discussion???? They’re manikins!

Breaking News says:

…and there you have it; the wise WTF!?!?! has just delivered his important speech to Concerned Parent. Will the message sink in? Only time will tell.

Mr. B from his Mom’s Basement,
No Nothing Production News

Amy says:

I like the lock picture most

Anonymous says:

Whenever I see ‘100% LEGITIMATE” in big red letters….I gotta think its not.

Dave Manikin says:

As far as manikins go, they are pretty damn hot. You can see a fair amount of plastic, reeeooooooow!

Refflection says:

Yeah… Pretty sure “Concerned Parent” was making a sarcastic joke. But doesn’t seem like anyone got it…

Thanks again for the funnies, tOdd – I think the weekly pics are one of the best features on your “websight”.

citydba says:

Pop in a Barney VHS for your kid to watch while you visit this site alone. SERIOUSLY if all entertainment was “family friendly” the world would be a big bore. Please do NOT try and influence MY humor because you don’t want your kid to know what the real world is like. Can not believe this actually is coming up in a site where one of the running jokes has to do with BOOBS IN THE FACE. No one asked you to have a kid, nor to show the weekly photos to it.

the REAL weeze says:

Very intelligent and provocative discussion we’re all having here. I feel therefore that it is my duty- nay, my very mission in life- to remind you all what a total asswipe I am by going “FIIIRRRSSSTTT BBBIIITTTCCHHHEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!” right about now.

Oh, and not to offend the so-called “Concerned parents” here, but SCCRREEWWW YYYOOOUUU BBBIIITTTCCHHHEESSS!!!! TOO. I’d go on a rant about how if you’re so “concerned” you wouldn’t be surfing the web with your progeny without checking it out first, but that’s just too sunshine- and-lollipops for you liberal wankers to understand, isn’t it?

Of course the real reason I’d be upset if you suceeded in censoring Todd- and let’s call it what it is, Stalin- is that then I’d have no reason to live and no place to go FFFIIIRRRSSTTT BITTTCCHHEESS!!!! even when I’m not and nobody to suck the pathetic worm I call my cock. I hope you’re reading this with your kid so you can explain all that to them.

Animation Fan says:

First off, great pictures Todd. Second, and I know this is off topic but congrats on attending the Northside Festival on June 25. Do you know if you’ll be attending the Ottawa International Animation Festival in Ottawa, Canada this year as well? That festival runs from October 20 to 24, 2010. Unfortunately you are passed the deadline if you wanted to submit a film this year. Here’s the site if you want to check it out:


Anonymous says:

“Opium” is the name of a perfume. The sell “House Money Blessing” room spray at Dollar General. How Hoo doo, Voo doo can it be?

Anonymous says:

Damn. No pictures of Miley Cyrus getting out a limo without her underwear. I guess I’ll have to look at Todd’s smutty manequins with my kids instead.

By the way, “Smutty Manequins” would be an excellant name for a rock band.

Cloudy Day says:

The manequins aren’t even in erotic poses. Geez people these days make a big deal about everything.

Concerned Pervert says:

One of them tied up and blindfolded, the other wearing a strap-on and leather undies. How’s that for erotic?

Total Dicksnake says:

Maybe the pervert masquerading as a “Concerned Parent” was actually referring to the masturbating statue.

I’m no Freud, but that sounds like a classic case of Penis Envy. Go ahead, explain THAT to your underage daughter, pervert.

ya ya ya says:

i counted 10 (including the sharks)

Money House says:

Money House 100% Legitimate
Contains legitimate oil “9 Indian Gold”
House Blessing of Money
Our version of the Opium fragrance.
WARNING: Content under pressure
Read the caution instructions on the side before using.

Soooo… basically this is like those scented candles that are supposed to attract money, health, love or happiness…..
Harmless scented superstition…

Concerned Parent says:

I think any websight there should be NSFW labeled on any page that may or may not contain ADULT content! This used to be a FRIENDLY place!

Concerned Pervert says:

Let me help you out here, if I may- first, you need to identify what you find offensive. Was it the manequins IN THE FREAKING PUBLIC WINDOW? Or was it the statue ALSO OUT IN THE FREAKING OPEN?

Or, was it Todd EXPRESSING AN OPINION OR JOKE that you would like to censor? What is this, COMMUNIST RUSSIA? I know, I know, one baby step at a time, Stalin, until the FREAKING GOVERNMENT CONTROLS EVERYTHING YOU THINK, HEAR, SEE, DO, AND SAY.

Or- and this is where I’ll probably lose the sunshine-and-lollipops crowd- YOU could exersize some common sense AND brush up on your failed parenting skills by supervising what your child can and cannot see on the web. Unfortunately not everybody shares YOUR opinion on what’s “NSFW”, or, in this case, “NSFMSAUD” (Not Safe For My Sexually Abused Underage Daughter.)

So, until FREAKING BIG BROTHER monitors everything including your thoughts and dreams, you’re just gonna have to get back up on the “parent” horse and DO YOUR FREAKING JOB.

Concerned Pervert says:

Oh, and by the way, Todd had “Boobs In The Face” in THE FIRST FREAKING CARTOON from DAY ONE. So, while that certainly meets MY definition of “friendly”, I’m not so sure what YOU mean.

Spazo says:

it would seem by now you would have figured nobody really cares much about what you think.

hey whats your myspace page.

Kristy says:

Concerned Parent:
It’s “website” not “websight”. That’s (one of) the reasons you’re getting made fun of so hard.

Concerned Pervert says:

The others, of course, being that you want to CENSOR this “sight” like FREAKING COMMUNIST NORTH KOREA and want to turn over the raising of your child to the FREAKING GOVERNMENT, which is actually not the worst idea seeing as how you FAILED as a parent by SURFING ADULT-ORIENTED “SIGHTS” with your UNDERAGE DAUGHTER.

And then had the FREAKING BALLS to TELL us about it. And complain that SOMEBODY ELSE should be doing YOUR JOB.

Typical nanny-stater blameshifting.

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Do you really consider that?

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