September 10 2011

Pictures for the Week! Some 9/11 Stuff!

Hey! I was walking around today and there were these like alt. memorials down
in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Some of em seemed to work. Others seemed to be rained out or something.

Anyway, I took some pictures and stuff (even though my iphone camera was giving me issues!! Lighting and focus both! WTF4!)


Above is like the walking tour map of different types of 9/11 memorials. Seemed like a coolio idea for 9-11-ing on 9-10…

One station you could make paper towers or something. It was raining out so they were packing up and moving under scaffolding. These were some leftovers.

These guys wanted to go on record with 'What was missing from the 9/11 conversation?' I couldn’t think of anything on the spot– so I passed. But in retrospect I would have mentioned the ongoing medical/insurance/government disgrace over worker heroes with cancer.

They handed me the above flyer with info bout their thingee.


I didn’t get involved with this one either although it seemed sorta coolio. You could make like a scent of 9/11 memory or something?

This guy made little clay cubes (each cube represented a day or week since 9/11 or something). He handed me a few marbles and I stuck them on some random cubes.

I didn’t get involved with this one either. You could use their materials to make a memorial…

It was early so I think they were just getting started. (Thanks iPhone for being out of focus…)

This one was just getting started too. It was a 9/11 tribute “Mandala”;. The two rectangles will remain ’empty’– and those buckets in the back had stuff to use to create something. Pebbles and shells and dirt and sticks and stuff.

Once you have your materials — you pick an area and fill it in with whatever you want to make.

I made this here. Here’s a link to the organizer of this.

I took a look down an alleyway nearby and something was going down in the daytime. (note the hide and seeker)


Anyway, that’s it for 9/11 stuff. Here's a few more pics that were hanging out on my phone…

Dad, I want a Sprite! Yeah, I want a Sprite too! (You don’t want Sprites!) We want Sprites!!! (You’d hate Sprite!) Nuh uh!! Yeah Nuh uh!

This corner store might have been vacant a little too long…

Someone made this thing and put it in the park…


I'm seeing more and more stuff like this and it's starting to freak me out…

There was this door here so I opened it…

And inside was this mess of a headache that I couldn't be less interested in…

And lastly, I saw this car lover with a foot fetish– living the dream…

Ok bye!



spacetrucker says:

Collio pic-tour.

Heh, heh, foot fetish car.

BaseballJack says:

Hipster 911

Concerned Parent says:

I do not think I appreciate mixing funny photos in with 9/11 memorial photos. You should have saved them for another day. I am just giving my two sense, tODD.

wink says:

why should we be so somber. you should remember the joy you shared with the ones you lost. OT is not making light of the 10 year anniversary, he is finding joy in the moment. just my 2cents.

Guest says:

Oh shut up already. My two cents.

My Butt Here says:

You should have followed the directions on that door. I just got the notification I won the Hong Kong Lottery!

Ucogi says:

Shut up Concerned Parent! At least, I don’t let underage children to exotic clothing store. Remember that? Hmm? JERK!

Concerned Pervert says:

Since everybody else wants to comment on Concerned Parent’s “two sense”, I figure I could contribute my “two scents”.

Care to guess what they are?

RaySan says:

Ok, the inner geek in my scanned the 2D code on the Green box thingy. Becks Beer Promotion website for artists.

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