October 03 2011

Pictures for the Week! With Zoomers!

Hey! Went to the Atlantic Antic this weekend and took a bunch of pics! Also I got a new camera for my birthday so at the bottom I'm doing a new picture feature called 'Zoomers!'

Gonna mix up the pics of the fair with some others that were hanging out on
my phone and stuff…

Let's get going with Go-Go Girls! Go Going Go-Go Girls Go!


Always great to see when your upstairs neighbor buys not one 'Earthquake' subwoofer… but two….

And the sequel being, 'I Don't Know How She Do It Neither!'

Met these two nice donkeys a while ago. They were so close they finished each other's brays.


This DJ chick was mixing it up by playing with a drummer– although at one point they seemed to be battling over who actually controlled the beat…

Some jug players play the jug– other jug player's jugs play the jug player…

Everyone in this band was wearing Elite Bodies t-shirts. Man, it used to be about the free street music, man. What's with The Man all wanting to make money off my eyes, man.

Master Hu-Ever counted like the Charms Blow-Pop Owl…
A one… a two… (snap!) a THREE! then snapped the guy’s thumb.
Everyone clapped and cheered (except the guy on the ground)
Then some kid ran up with a thumbs up and said, 'Me next! Do me!'

Cops were riding around on these segway things. Gotta admit the sirens sounded like someone going 'Wee-ooo-wee-ooo! all High Pitch Eric style… '  I'd be tempted to jog backwards away from one of these if they were after me.

You could wind up these toys and they'd crawl around all cute until they wind down. Winding em up in the plastic bag lacked all cuteness.

Roscoe discovered a mud puddle in this park and dunked his head in it. Here he revels in his mud puddle pioneership…

Apparently Traitor Joes isn't cool to farm workers. But nice to see they cleaned up their bad fish practices

At the bottom of these street two guys were arguing. Something about 'ordering squares'…

Hey Piggie! Umm… Good news is you're going to a party!…

I opened this door and it led to 'Fred Sanford's Narnia'…

This band is called Alex Battles and the Whiskey Rebellion played at Hank's Saloon during the Antic. They rocked Party in the USA all whiskey soaked…


OKAY! Here's a few of those Zoomer pictures I was talking abouts.
Click on the pic to see it all big size zoomy!

Seems like a normal pic but the faces against the wall are all pretty coolio…

I think these kids were thinking about changing their religion to this woman.

Find Mr. Moustache Man!

Karate (pronounced Kar-rah-tay)! Kids faces are funny!

ok bye!



Adamant says:

LOL at I Don’t Know How She Do It. Nice pics, tODD

Roscoe Fan says:


Jimb says:

Zoomer is awesome, no pixelation or nuttin.

the REAL weeze says:


Anonymous says:

I was hoping the belly dancer would have a Nancy Grace moment. No such luck.

Jeremy says:

Ewwww…you wanted her to fart?

RaySan says:

It was a tootsie pop owl, not a charms pop owl. (common error because of the ole Charms pop cheater)

Nella says:

Great pix this week, I especially love the uber-dirty Roscoe, he’s so frickin’ cute! And zoomer is quite coolio!

Julio says:

Why why whyyyyyy wasn’t there a zoomy function for the go go dancer!?

Coolio pix anyway.

Rae says:

Your captions are the best! Thanks for sharing your pics, tOdd.

Anonymous says:

The pig picture mad me very sad!

Skippygrrl says:

Fred Sanford’s Narnia. Hee, hee. Also, I heart the Zooms. Kthnxbai.

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? says:

The pig picture made me very hungry!

-DJ- says:

“Fred Sanford’s Narnia” made Orange Crush come out my nose.

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