Breaking Up
Which one justifies an immediate relationship breakup?
They don't get along with your pet.
Runs around your place banging pans over their head early in the morning.
They talk nazi talk in their sleep and do the heil hitler thing.
Farting and farting. They never stop with the farting.
Shows up where you work and talks to your boss about your personal habits.
They watch, tape, and build an super organized archive of the Rosie O'Donnell shows.
Everytime you yawn they stick a finger in your mouth mid-yawn and then slap you upside the head.
They don't ever cover their mouth when they sneeze and grab their crotch instead.
They steal stuff from you and then pawn it and buy you gifts you don't like.
They finish every sentence by sticking out their tongue and saying 'NAAAAH'
Before having sex they always spit on each palm and rub them together then yell 'Hagadaga!'
Acted in porno movies under the name 'Sluttly McSlutter'
They ask you 'what time is it?' literally every 20 seconds.
They constantly slap your butt and tell you to 'fetch' them things from the kitchen.

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