Gate Change
What would you like to change most/least about The Gates in the park?

Instead of curtains they're live slimy tentacles that would try and hug people and slime em up.
Fat male strippers welcomed each person through each gate with an ass grope.
The gates would spring on people and scoop em up and shake em around like shake and bake
They worked like long tongues that would lick people and coat you with maple syrup
They'd sneak up and grab people and slingshot em into the lake
They shook around like wet dogs spraying strawberry quik everywhere and panted
Instead of hanging down, they'd hang sideways and drunk dudes would laze in them like hammocks and ask people sports trivia questions.
The gates would pull people's pants down when they passed through them then they gates would ha ha laugh like Nelson
They'd be all curled up and when they'd unfurl they'd drop guinea pigs everywhere.
They'd grab people and give em a really hard neck massage.
If you pushed one over it would make em all fall over like dominoes- and when they'd hit the ground each one would make a fart noise..
All of the above
None of the above. The Gates are fine as is.
Enough with the stupid gates! This poll belongs in the sewer.