Mo Scary! Mo Scary!
Which would freak you out the most while you're in bed?
Your closet door creaks open and you see two red eyes
A dozen snakes slither up under your sheets
You turn over and Ed McMahon is sleeping next to you
You wake up and you're strapped down to the bed.
You open your eyes and there's a zombie standing over your bed. Smiling.
You look under the covers and you see ants everywhere
You wake up and you're hovering three feet off your bed.
You wake up and your sheets and blankets are all Hello Kitty.
You wake up to two ghost kids are singing lullabies.
Your window crashes in and a rabid dog is snarling in your room.
You wake up and you're fully dressed and filthy.
You wake up and find out you fell asleep over two weeks ago.
You wake up with a spider in your mouth.

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