Sleepy Stuff
How do you sleep?
One pillow under head. Flat on back.
Curled up all fetal like snuggled against a pillow.
Flat on stomach no pillow.
In closet hanging upsidedown like a bat.
I move around alot I don't have one particular style
Back to the wall. Knees pulled up to the chest rocking and mumbling.
In front of the TV on the couch.
One arm hanging off the bed all ballsy tempting the monsters.
Naked. Windows open. Shades up. No covers.
More of a pass out style all covered in my own throwup.
I sleepwalk most of the night with my arms out like a big zombie.
Snoring so loud people sometimes call the cops.
No sleep for me. Sex all night. Every night.
I sleep holding a spoon in my hand sitting in a chair and when the spoon hits the ground I wake up and that's that.
It's none of your business how I sleep. What the hell do you care ya freak!?

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