Two polls this week! I disliked both of them equally so I figure... why not put up both of them?

Take yer pick. Or both. Or neither...

First Date
Worst thing to hear on a first date.

This is my first date ...ever. Actually it's my first time outside.
My mom will be here soon with a measuring tape.
I own... (Holds up fork.) this now...(Puts fork in pocket)... (repeats with every thing on the table)
Want to see my rash? Actually
Food fight!!
I don't like leaving my pet bugs at home alone. So I don't.
My boyfriend is crazy insanely jealous.
It's great having non-prison food for once.
I like your apartment. I was in it earlier today while you were out.
I refuse to participate in this stupid poll...

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Proper Etiquette
You're at a dinner party and you take a bite of something that tastes gross. What do you do?

Spit it into your hand, hold it up, and announce its grossness...
Flip your plate. Then flip the table. Then flip the bird.
Spit it across the table at someone. Then when they look at you say 'oh i'm sorry... i thought you said please pass the disgusting...'
Tilt your head back and spit it up onto your forehead...splut.
Spit it down the front of your pants. Then do a dance on the table in celebration
Sing 'Interplanet Janet' with it in your mouth spitting pieces out at every opportunity.
Spit it into your hand then mash it into the plate of the person to your immediate left.
Run out of the house screaming. Ring a neighbors doorbell and when they answer the door, spit it into their house. Then run away.
I refuse to participate in this ridiculous poll!

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