August 22 2011

Promo and Email Monday… and Stuff!

Hey! Sorry for the late update today! My niece was here this weekend and I’m all sorts of behind schedule. Plus, I’m heading to LA end of the week so I gotta get stuff together…

But here’s some stuff that I’m promoting for peeps and some emails and stuff too if you wanna read:

This guy will send you art work if you send him a dollar in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Here’s what he sent me! Click PIC to see biggerer:

Coolio! Only $1 and a stamp!
Hey ,

I’m doing a little self-promotional work here today. 🙂 I’ve set the release date of Learn Me Gooder for August 22nd, which is our first day of school this year. It’ll be on Amazon and B&N in paperback and e-book formats.

I was wondering if you might help me out a bit with promoting it? On your blog, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. I’d love for you to mention it whenever you want, but I could especially use a push around the 15th, just letting everyone know the release date and that it’s worth picking up, and maybe even a recommendation to buy it ON the 22nd, if they’re interested in getting it.

Thank you so much in advance!



Subject: visiting NYC
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 11:22:40 -0400

Yo todd, I am visiting NY in the fall. Can you recommend any cool things to check out? I have visited a few times so I have done all the touristy stuff.
Love the site



Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 15:08:43 -0400
Subject: Cartoons

What happened to the cartoons?? You stopped making them?? Did you finally get a job or something?
Where’s Tip# 9 and 8?


Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 14:09:49 -0400
Subject: balls story

I was at grocery store and I was coming out of a isle and a guy walked into corner of cart. He curled up on floor and was hurt kinda blame myself for not looking but I was a 45 year old woman when that happened he was probably 25 as I told my friends they cracked up I won’t lie I laughed too but everyone must take care of themselves hope he was ok but he was KO better luck to him next time he must of been pissed at me…



Dude, I’ve followed you since like back in 2000 bro, when you was like poor and shit, and was out of work and eating out of garbage cans and, ok well maybe not garbage cans, but Mickey ‘D’s and that like real close . I’m not a big like get modivated and write something to stroke ones ego, but bro, you do rock, and have made me chuckle on more than one occassion.

Since those early days back when I been thru Katrina, and not long after loosing everything in the world I ever owned, I became disabled and shit, and am a home body now. You’ll be glad to know I kinda look like you in your toons in the robe, and the bitchin hairdo, and drink gallons of coffee to make the days go past. The other thing is I go out on that internet thing Al Gore gave to us all, and look at your toons, to bring a smile to my bearded puss.

So like thanks for all your suff there dude, and ill be seein you in the funny pages. So like do another one or two, so my life has meaning. So have another cup of coffee, and get up early like me at the crack of noon.

Your new orleans fan master of the deep south,



Thanks for adding me as a friend on Facebook. I watched your cartoons a looooong time ago. I am currently on maternity leave and I laughed because it was early one day and I caught myself staring at the wall while drinking my coff-ay I hope to see more of your cartoons in the future Oh and one more thing that always got me curious, what made you so mad at MCI?


Hi Odd.

I’m Paul Weinberg. A bunch of Bizarro cartoons by our mutual friend Dan Piraro are featured in my new book on connecting in personal relationships. Please support the book — and help us get a great publisher — by going to the fan page and clicking the LIKE button.

Thanks, Paul


KOOOL says:

I wish you could type up the Roscoe Storie !

IT would MAKE my DAY so MUCH BETTER ! And PS

CAN’t YOU do a small NEW TOON ! for us peeps ! that I and other peeps to look fowerd to SEE!!!!???!!!
…from time to time !? is that to much to ask from you!!!!? …Just saying 🙁

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